I'd like some tips on how to relax and stop stressing so much in the build up to a flight, especially those 24hrs before! Blah...last flight pre-stress was particularly horrible.... but, thought I'd add a few hints of my own...So, some things that have helped me in the past..:

Ipod - a friend put episodes of Family GUy on my ipod for me...found after watching this for a bit, I even laughed and was able to relax a bit.
Toilet break - undoing the belt and making a trip to the loo, even if not needed, really helps to normalise the whole experience for me
magazines - short articles to read through, easier to concentrate on than a novel
tell the staff - I've found in most cases the staff are really nice when you mention that you are a nervous flyer
breathing techniques - I found using some of my focused yoga breathing really helps, especially for take off, or during any nervous moments en route....

Well, that's just a few things that help me.... Anyone else care to share?

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I am new here. I get nervous during take off but once the plane is up, usually 2 or 3 minutes in I feel ok. I actually like landing I like the view, the excitement of arrival and I am slightly claustrophobic so the thought of stretching my legs is nice.

Anyway what works for me is the videos here and on you tube. I have a flight in 5 weeks and I normally get nervous the week before but the AF incident had me worried. So I have been watching planes take off on youtube, outside and inside of the plane. When you watch these videos for an hour or so it really helps it normalized everything.

I also find that embracing that you are on a plane helps as opposed to watching a movie or putting on headphones and hiding from it. When my plane is flying during the day, I will look out the window at the world slowly going by beneath us and again it normalizes the experience.

I went for a beer with a friend and he was surprised that I was a nervous flyer. He said something very obvious but that resonated with me. "Planes want to fly", they aren't designed to be driven around or sit on the tarmac they are designed to takeoff, land, fly through turbulance etc.

I know I will be ok on the day but it is great having a forum like this where I can chat to other people who are nervous.
Hi Phin

I'm new to this site too, but Keith recommended the videos to me after reading my story and I have to say that they're definitely helping me! Wish I'd thought of it before. It gives a really realistic experience and repeated viewings are calming my anxieties before Friday's flight.

My partner (romantic ole soul) took me to the airport for coffee tonight- another idea for making the experience more normal/familiar?

Regards, Fiona
Great stuff Fiona...make flying normal!

Captain Keith

It is funny because if I know anyone who is flying friend or family member I never ever think "Oh I hope they will be ok". I know they will be fine. It is only my flight I worry about which again is illogical and irrational. For example I am not in any way worried about your flight I know you will have a comfortable flight.

Actually I believe that flying will be short lived. One day we may replace cars, trains, trucks with electric versions. But I do wonder if they will find an alternative fuel for planes as a very energy dense fuel is needed. I can not see a replacement for jet fuel other than perhaps nuclear technology and I just don't think for many reasons that this will be embraced by governments or the general public.

So I believe we are lucky to fly as in 50 years it may be insanely expensive.
Hi Phin

I think there's an engine being developed that runs on bio fuel and I believe there's research into hydrogen powered engines. How that works goodness only knows.

Keeping going with the videos, Keith, and had an NLP session this evening....feeling pretty relaxed and confident so far. Thanks for your encouragement. Am away to try to download the podcasts, but fear I may have to wait til my teenage girls are around to help!!
I am exactly the same. My partner flies around Europe most weeks on business and I'm sure he will be fine and come back, yet I can't seem to get on a plane of my own!! Never thought of it like that!


Thanks for that. I do get a bit concerned when others are in the air, but it's not as bad. Finished work now, so officially on holiday! Focussing on arriving and imagining getting to resort with my daughters:) What a feeling that's going to be!


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