I was wondering if anyone could tell me what Terminal 5 is like at Heathrow. I find knowing what to expect helpful. I've flown too many times from Heathrow (Ha, ha!) but haven't yet had the pleasure of Terminal 5. I know a preliminary visit would be a good idea but the M25 with two small boys is just not appealing!

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It is absolutely wonderful. Clean, new and for an airport pretty relaxed. Have a look at this website, it has an interactive map that you can look around the terminal with..

Thank you very much, I've had a brief look at the site and will peruse it later! Sounds very promising.
I can't say because I haven't used it yet but most reports say it's superb

Sorry I can't help either I haven't used it yet, but may i digress and say that i'm sure that subliminally, the fact that you are going through a "terminal" and asked what your "final destination" is, all contribute to the fear of flying when you are already a nervous flyer! The words you absolutely don't want to hear when you are scared that the plane may crash are probably "final" or "terminal"!

I try to bear this in mind and laugh at myself for being nervous about all these things, it makes it a bit easier!
In fact laugh at anything that isn't positive...or even better than that ignore it. Well done you.

I went through there about 3 times this year. Personally from the inside (past security), it is wonderful, spacious and beautiful. Great seats and plenty of them versus T4 and T1. The shopping I found was better than other LHR terminals. The BA lounges are also very much nicer than T4 or T1 in my opinion. Be careful to find the exact gate for your departure if you choose the wrong gate series B versus C, it is a LOOOONNGG walk back through security which may delay you for making your flight. They do use an underground train system to shuttle you to most gates.
However, before security/passport control, it is HUGE!!! When I was there, the lifts were not working so from the bottom to the top, there are 4-5 sets of long escalators (had to do it twice).
Beautiful views and nice. When going through passport control into T5, be careful and observe the signage prior on leaving, there are two exits on either end of a very long open area for baggage claim. Lastly carry-on bag screening is done with trays on tracks which automatically circle in a loop, so don't take the tray off the track otherwise they get annoyed.;)
Hi Katherine

I hope you log on before you leave for Canada. Sorry I havnt been around, just getting past a bad bout of flu :(

I just wanted to wish you well and encourage you to stay positive for your journey, how wonderful going to see your Mother.

I'm sure you dont need me to tell you that the anticipation is much worse than the flight itself. Try and remember, the sooner you get on the plane, the sooner you will be there. Have a fantastic time with your family :)

Phoebe x
Thanks so much phoebe,
Feeling a bit upset this morning but have managed to get all the Christmas presents in the case! You're right, the anticipation is much worse. I'm trying to look forward to the moment when we have taken off.
Think of me!

Like you I flew to Australia last year after 14 years of nothing. Couldn't believe it. I surprised all my family on Xmas Day and some of them didn't recognize me.

This time around I had the rug pulled from under me as I am not going on Qantas but on Air New Zealand and there was that accident two weeks ago involving the A320 owned by Air New Zealand and although this is not the plane I will be on it is haunting me... it's like I am back to square one.

I was so glad to see that someone else did what I did last year. I think that you making your trip was wonderful and you should be absolutely proud of yourself because it is a huge accomplishment I know it personally.

I am not sure I will be able to do it this time and this time, everyone knows I am coming. Pressure is enormous right now.

My dad has Parkinsons Disease so I really want to see him again. He is 76.

I came so far only to be bought right back again... so frsutrating.

Any words of wisdom?

Sue K.

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