"There's nothing worse than your fear." - Captain Keith

You are right Captain Keith. We spend more hours in fear than hours in flying and the stress of fear damaged our organs way more than what we can experience during a difficult flight. If we could just be happy and serene all the time and not worry over things we can't control, life would be so beautiful.

I started fearing flying after a bad turbulence over San Francisco during my first ever flight in 2003. I was 24 at the time and just married so I felt that I have a lot to loose if I die. I did not fly in the next 4 years but I created a monster in my mind. On my next flight from San Antonio to Chicago, I spent the 3 hours looking down all the time, sipping water and sniffing my lavender essential oil bottle, which is supposed to calm people. It probably worked a little, because I didn't cry, I didn't complain to anyone, but I was honestly prepared to die.
 The flight was eventless, so was the return and the next two flights I had in the same year. I was convinced that I am cured of my fear because I didn't feel sick to my stomach when thinking about flying.

But then I had two kids and started worrying again that something might happen to us. I had to fly with them from San Antonio to Pittsburgh and we had to switch planes in Houston. When we were boarding in Houston, two police officers also boarded with a prisoner. They went on the plane first and they got all the way to their chairs. All of the sudden we heard a loud noise and the ground was shaking. The prisoner had escaped and the cops were chasing him through that little tunnel. They finally caught him at another gate. The whole flight I was worried about something happening again since they were sitting 4 rows behind us so I didn't have time to worry about the flight, which was eventless by the way. Why do criminals have to travel with commercial flights?

After this flight I went twice to Europe, once in 2010 and once in 2012 to visit my family. I was very nervous when flying over the ocean because I could not imagine what options does the pilot have in case he needs an emergency landing. Where is he gonna land? I am not afraid anymore when flying over land because I always imagine that there is a pretty good chance of surviving, but the water terrifies me.

I just bought your book yesterday so I will be reading that to alleviate any fears I have left in regards to flying.

My main problem is that in general I am just so afraid of dying that it terrorizes me. I can't even start describing the hundreds of adjustments I am constantly making in my life to avoid death. It is almost making my life not worth living, because I am constantly worried of dying, thus I can't enjoy the moments in which I am living. I can not accept the idea that one day I will no longer see my husband and children. Even just typing this sentence fills my eyes up with tears. I tried reading books about death from a philosophical or religious standpoint, looking for ideas that could comfort me and make me accept that death is a normal part of life, but so far I could not find any believable explanation of what happens to us after we die. Maybe if I would know that we'll still be together, it would help. But no one knows for sure.

I just read the book "Proof of heaven" written by a neurosurgeon that experienced 7 days of NDE and he describes such a beautiful world in his book, but I do not want it, I want to be here on earth with my family.

So long story short, just in case this is not covered in your book, could you tell me if there is possible to do an emergency landing over the ocean? Are there any Iittle islands that you can land on?

I am flying again with my 2 babies and husband from US to Europe on December 3rd and back on January 14th. I hope to live to tell the story.

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