Hi Everyone

I've never loved flying but have managed to be brave and travelled around the world in the last few years. However this summer I was on a very short hour long flight when some turbulence caused me to have a panic attack on the plane. I now feel sick at the thought of flying and the feeling of dread I get is overwhelming.

I have to fly to Hong Kong next month for work, I'm excited about going but can't stop thinking about the flight. My main problem in turbulence, now matter how positive I'm feeling about the flight it sets me back to square one as soon as we hit any.

If you have ANY tips at all for getting through the turbulent patches I would be so grateful.

My heart starts pounding and get very very hot and panicky. I know I'm being ridiculous and this website really does help but any personal tips would be great!

Thanks guy :-)


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Hi Natalie.
I'm sure you have read plenty of things about turbulence on this site as it is a very common cause of fear. But remember turbulence is just a bit uncomfortable and not dangerous. A lot of scare mongering is written and said about turbulence, mostly untrue. One thing to remember, the people who spread these negative stories are generally fit and well! Not bad if they went through something so terrible!

Hi Natalie.

We had a very bumpy flight on the way back from Vegas in September.

Have you got any of Keiths CD's? I converted mine to an mp3 and listened to it on board. As soon as the captain said, seatbelts etc, I started listening to the section on turbulence. It really did re assure me and get me through it. Gather as much info as you can from this site. Turbulence is uncomfortable, NOT dangerous.

and natalie - I faint when bumps hit but I have found what helps is watching (if a little too intensely) a cup of water on the fold down table, the liquid shows how little the plane moves and stops me thinking we're falling.  I mean when people walk down the isle the water shakes and when turbulence hits its usually the same movement so its less frightening  xx

Thanks for the tips guys! I will definitely try these out!

I know i'm being silly and that turbulence does not mean we're going to crash. It's just getting over how uncomfortable it feels!


hi Natalie!

I'm not a fan of turbulence either, a friend told me a similar suggestion (than Carly's) of watching the liquid and it really helped.

My boss went on a flight years ago where they went through a really turbulent area and the whole time the pilot kept everyone calm and saying the plane is fine - it's uncomfortable, but the plane is fine. Turbulence will not cause a plane to crash, ever! It's just (really) annoying.

I find closing my eyes and pretending I am on a very bumpy back road somewhere helps too.

Good luck, hope you are comfortable on your flight!

---or even ploughing through the waves on a boat at sea.


thank you, i just need to keep remember that it's only uncomfortable!

Unfortunately while reading the news yesterday there was a story about a plane from NY to Dublin that had eight people injured from turbulence!

Obviously the plane landed safely and everyone was ok but it's knowing the possibility of it being that bad!

but also know that there is nothing i can do about it, i just need to deal with it. And with these tips i think i'll do ok on my flight to HK!


but did they keep their seat belt fastened all the time ?- Keith advises us to do so

-also we don't know the facts about that flight  - the press tends to sensationalise things - how many people have been injured from road traffic accidents today - probably far more than by air travel but why aren't they all mentioned? and does that stop us travelling by road or worrying every time we catch a bus or get into our car?

Did the injury happen, before the sea belt sign went on? That was what I "sort of read, from a report".

Again as Keith always says, keep your belt loosely fastened  

Keep the seat belt tight as you can bear it 



yes you are all right!

I just keep looking on here every day and it really is helping!

I know I'll be fine, and the flight will be fine and there probably will be a few turbulent areas, but I'm just going to keep and eye on the water and concentrate on my movie!

Thanks so much everyone x

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