Hi Everyone

I've never loved flying but have managed to be brave and travelled around the world in the last few years. However this summer I was on a very short hour long flight when some turbulence caused me to have a panic attack on the plane. I now feel sick at the thought of flying and the feeling of dread I get is overwhelming.

I have to fly to Hong Kong next month for work, I'm excited about going but can't stop thinking about the flight. My main problem in turbulence, now matter how positive I'm feeling about the flight it sets me back to square one as soon as we hit any.

If you have ANY tips at all for getting through the turbulent patches I would be so grateful.

My heart starts pounding and get very very hot and panicky. I know I'm being ridiculous and this website really does help but any personal tips would be great!

Thanks guy :-)


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I fly tomorrow evening!

Feeling a bit sick with nerves today but also keeping positive that even though there may be a bit of turbulence here and there the flight will be fine!

I'll report back when I get home!


i really really empathise with you.  easy for me to say as i am not flying for a while but its true in that the turbulence is always less than what we think.  some info in the book said 'when youre sat on a stationary train and a train next to you starts to move you feel that youre moving also'.  basically the eyes and brain lie to us.  As Ive said i use a drink to see how mad bumps really are (jurrassic park style) and 9/10 times the crew walking up the isle cause more ripples. 

Im sure you'l have read Keiths 'its not dangerous' line which is helpful.  It is like a car journey and not slowing for any ridges in the road.  I am no better but I think a bit of rescue remedy, cup of water and headphones/film do help.

oh and as for you reading about people getting hurt, my friend headbutted the window on 1 bump landing in france purely because she had her face squashed at the glass so itl be minor rubbish or not wearing belts or having luggage in the way.

I always pass out when we hit a bump but its usually just the one.  And worst case, call for a crew member, I ended up sat with them for an hour chatting and i was fine.  I look forward to your update xxx

Hi Everyone!

So I got the flight from London to Hong Kong and back just fine! (Probably was because I slept through most of it with the help of a better seat and a sleeping tablet) but still the flight was fine!

We hit a few bumps and I did get a little panicky but I kept an eye on my water (was hardly moving) and a eye on the horizon (again hardly moving) just to see how little we actually are moving even though it feels so much worse.

Another thing I realised that helps is not to look around the plane during turbulence. Seeing people's heads wobbling around made it seem so much worse that it really was so I even found a new tip for myself!

Anyway, Hong Kong was amazing and I'm even looking forward to my next flight. I think I had built it up so much in my head. Going on two 12 hour flights in a week was actually very good for making me realise just how safe it is.

I hope everyone else is getting on ok.

Natalie x



Wow! well done!! and thanks for more tips x

I also have turbulance issues, I am starting to think its actually nothing to do with flying , as i hate being suprised when in a car and going over pot holes etc....really aggrivates me...maybe i need theropy! Anyway what i find a help on a plane is when its turbulant if you have a glass filled you can see generally how the water / wine or whatever isnt moving hardly, also i tend to focus on the wing if can see it as you see it hardly moving up and down at all, both seem to reassure me.


Hope to be a help

We encourage this ...



Yep........that is my mantra Chris.

It does work! :-)

I say the same about washing up sometimes,


Im the same. I HATE turbulence. I always speak to the cabin crew when I board and let them know I'm afraid of flying and I ask if we're expecting turbulence so it doesn't catch me offguard. If I feel I can't cope I ask if I can sit next to a flight attendant. Seeing how calm they are helps a little. x

Good plan


Congratulations for your flight to Hang Kong... courageous and smart against imaginary fear.. Bravo wish you a lot of traveling around the world  


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