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I've never loved flying but have managed to be brave and travelled around the world in the last few years. However this summer I was on a very short hour long flight when some turbulence caused me to have a panic attack on the plane. I now feel sick at the thought of flying and the feeling of dread I get is overwhelming.

I have to fly to Hong Kong next month for work, I'm excited about going but can't stop thinking about the flight. My main problem in turbulence, now matter how positive I'm feeling about the flight it sets me back to square one as soon as we hit any.

If you have ANY tips at all for getting through the turbulent patches I would be so grateful.

My heart starts pounding and get very very hot and panicky. I know I'm being ridiculous and this website really does help but any personal tips would be great!

Thanks guy :-)


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I read this post before having a flight on august 1 to paris for more than 10 hrs and helped me a lot...incredible i was calm while turbulance thank u all for posting and thank u Captain Keith for this page LOVE U ALL P.S I got back yesterday with a lot of turbulance in a almost 12 hrs flight <3

Remember turbulence is uncomfortable but not dangerous. Have you listened to Capt Keith's sounds CD? There is one of a plane during turbulence and the sound it makes which is the sound of creaking. Planes are built to withstand turbulence. I close my eyes and imagine I am travelling on a bumpy road. I hope that helps a bit. You are not being ridiculous and don't be hard on yourself.

Out of interest...do pilots keep their belts/harnesses on all the time during a flight and can they tell if the plane is approaching an area of turbulence?

Its a shame a camera cant be hooked up in the cockpit for people to view on the little screens on the seats so they could occasionally see the pilots sitting their nice and calm during a bit of turbulence

Yes it's a legal requirement to have our belts on and secure. 

Yes the radar can see thunderstorms 100 miles away.

Yes new radar is being developed to detect turbulence.


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