Hello Everyone!

It has been a long time since I visited this site and a lot has changed since then.  I am really loving the new LogBook section and am currently working my way through the videos.  Last time I visited the site (nearly 3 years ago now!) it was only a couple of days before my long haul flight.  This time I decided to log on much more in advance to try prep my mind for my next flight. 

I am due to fly to Hong Kong in September with Qatar Airlines with a stop over in Doha.
For some reason I am feeling even more nervous knowing that we're going to have to stop over and wait around, re-board and take off again.  I am just looking for some encouragement from people who have experienced long haul flights with stop overs and for some explanation of the process.  Also has anyone flown with Qatar airlines?  If you have any good experiences to share then please do. :)

I think my main problem with flying is something I have struggled with on other forms on public transport (trains and buses etc..)  I feel quite trapped (especially if the places are crowded) and I hate being surrounded by people I don't know.  I often find myself looking for the dodgiest looking person and focus and worry about what they might do for the entire journey.  I know its a silly thing to do but I am finding it a hard habit to break.  Has anyone else got this problem?

I don't fly often (my last flight was 3 years ago) so I generally feel a bit nervous during the flight due to noises and bumps etc... but I know flying very safe and I feel I have a good understanding of how things work and what all those noises and bumps are.  I think its just my lack of flying experience which makes everything around me feel slightly alien and therefore causing me to feel uncomfortable. 

So now I have 7 weeks to prepare!  So any advice or experiences from you would be much appreciated.  I often find people who have never been nervous about flying don't give very helpful advice and often make me feel worse.  So I'm glad I have signed up to this forum in the hope of finding others out there like me. :)

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Hi Steff

I think if you look at Phoebe's and Elizabeth's pages you'll find inspiration...not that there aren't lots of others but they've been members since the start of this network,

Captain Keith
Hi steff..

Lucky you..Hong Kong is meant to be a beuatiful place..

Try and concerntrate on the positives, what you are going to do when you get there, places to go, the food, nightlife, where your staying...

Banish the nagatives..or nagative'..the flight itself..is it the flight itself that worries you?..or the fear of of being affriad?...two different things IMO

For me I know flying is safe...but the 'fear of the fear' is what spoils it all for me..

You have already overcome a lot of barriers by the sounds of it..you have admitted and accepted to yourself that flying is safe..so thats one thing you an forget about...you are clued up on the noises and bumps (I actually used to go out of my way to listen for things like the undercarriage going down etc) that 'sinking feeling' you sometimes have after the plane has just taken off and is climbing...I was most disappointed when I didnt feel it the last time we flew!

I reckon you have got that side of things totally sewn up..So forget about it ...thats not going to beat you is it?..its not a threat now...you have become bigger....

If you do find the anxiety is creeping up behind you..then turn around and face it head on..be strong in the knowledge that YOU know your not really as scared as your anxiety wants you to be..Personally I have always found the more I intensely think about something the less of a problem it eventually becomes...maybe its like losing someone close to you...after the intial hurt the awful feelings seem to go through the roof..but as your body and mind become used to them they tend to weaken...and you brain accepts them and they become bearable.

Remember you dont fly often...flying isnt normal to you...Millions of other people fly at least once a year...some fly every week..dont compare yourself to them.

So I would say in the first instance just think positive...if neaerer the time you start 'twitching' a little then dont let the nagative feelings eat away at you...face them and defeat them..

I reckon you more or less have it sussed anyway..I bet youl be fine come the day..you know you can do it...just keep focused.

Enjoy your flight
Thanks for your responses, and sorry for my very delayed reply. I haven't had much time to get online.
So it is now just 3 more days until my flight. :) I have been doing so much reading and positive thinking that I am actually quite looking forward to the flight. There are still some nerves there but I'm feeling quite confident I will be able to keep them under control. I am now trying to focus on the positive aspects of the flight. Having nothing else to do but sit is seeming like a good thing right now as I have been so busy recently. So I am looking forward to a chance to do some reading, watch some movies and also try out plane food! :)
I will update soon.
Well done Steff you sound cool and relaxed.

I'm glad you're working your way thru' the videos ...most people find them interesting. I have tried to make them as useful as I can to anxious flyers.

Captain Keith

if you need me I'm on 01420 588 628

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