This is my first time typing anything but i found your site threw you tube and i have been reading the blogs and things and they seem to help some days and then i fall back into my same routine of worrying..I don't like turbulence and this is my only problem but it's ruining my trips to anywhere i fly. I always get on the plane because I have to for work but i hate all the worrying before and during..

I have tried drugs but they don't really seem to work because the flight is usually 15 hrs and drugs don't last that long and they seem to wear off right when the bad stuff happens.I try to get a window seat but it is not always available so this worry's me.. I hate that this has such a hold on me because I pride myself on having control and this has control over me and I hate it...

I wish i could take one of the course's because that might help to have people like captain Keith there or any of his workers to give hands on help. I think i might benefit more because i read things here but my doubting mind takes over and i lose confidence..

What can i do more to help with this situation?


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Hi Freddie

It's not a quick journey to overcome your fear but it can be done. I think the bigest hurdle is accepting that despite how you feel right now...that it is possible to beat this fear. Even if you can't beat it, you can learn to manage it.

I wouldn't waste energy on bothering to hate the fear you've got it and that's a fact.. Question is , what do you intend to do about it because there are no miracle or quick fix cures.  You've got to be prepared to face it head on and say to yourself this is down to me...drugs won't fix it and nor will wishful thinking. With that clear you can get on and build some knowledge about flying and, day by day normalise it. 

It's not unusual for people to hang on to their doubts like you are because it's the one fixed thing in all of this ...althought you're worried at least you know it, you know what it feels like, you know how it affects you. What probably worries you is if you let go of what you know ...and trust flying...maybe there's something worse waiting to jump out on you! There's nothing worse than your fear. Confront it and you'll find it doesn't control you as much as you feel.

Of course that's easy to say...gain knowledge and confidence and talk to people here. There have been some amazing successes on this forum and as long as you put in the effort you can be a success story too.

So  your task is to look at the mainsite and gain knowledge about planes and flying.

Let me know  when you have found something to say about turbulence.


Keep using the forum - it's invaluable & keeps you from feeling isolated. I find focusing on the calm faces of the crew during turbulence helpful. All the best. :)

The best part of the forum and the most important are the members comments and tips.

I may know all the facts but I can't know all the feelings ... but members can.


Hello Captain Keith..I live in Montreal and would love to attend a course to deal with my fear of flying.

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