Hi all omg im going to turkey in 3 weeks flying witht thompson im so nervous flying with them for 4 half hrs i dont know whats wrong with me i went to paris last july and with the help of this site i was great but now the fear is starting again watching the news a plane is always on it with something wrong now i think its going to happen to my plane help me remove these thoughts!!!!

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You can do it again! But yes, I know how you feel.. 
Journalists make stories that can sell newspapers. Thats way you don't read about that surely NO-ONE from the crew were afraid on that paticular plane you mention. A good journalist would ask one of the fearfull flyers about the flight, and the story will turn out a little bit more dramatic.. 
Don't listen to the journalists. They are exaggerating. Listen to Keith and this site about how things actually works:) and they work just fine!!:)

Its horrible dorthe i avoid papers and the news as i dont want to know but tge outcome is normally ok my hubby always tells me when thingd like that happen its good as they take more care in checking everything on the plane which kinda helps a bit my kids tell me mummy evrrything will be ok (bless them) i have a thing that i need to sit beside the wing lol it helps me relax as i focus on it!!this site and keith helped me so much last year when i went to paris i listened to all the sounds clonking etc.. i was very relaxed as i knew what happening so i need to go over it all again to remind me of it all thank you dorthe x


Your husband is right, when there is a small incident like the recent problem that happened on take off from Heathrow the one thing for sure is that the aviation industry will be all over it and it wont happen again. Also, I know you don't want to look into the incident, but what happened? I'll tell you:

The plane took off

There was a problem with a flap that covers the engine

The plane landed

End of story, if it is a story. Everyone got off, some people were delayed getting to their destination.

Think positive Denise, as really there isn't anything to think negative about. If the incident or other incidents worry you - you can always tell yourself that it makes it even more unlikely to happen again.

Enjoy turkey, never been myself but I do fancy it.


Hi Denise

There's nothing wrong with you at all ... you're normal people are allowed to be scared of things ... you as well!

but that's different from letting it take over ... so just think about when you flew successfully and say to yourself that there is no reason that anything will be different.

Do you know in 40 years of flying and over 20,000 hours of flying I was never on the news or in the papers.

...and nor will you be.


Hey Denise

Isn't it awful when you're husband is right and you have to admit it? never happens in my house!


Then it turns out that the kids are right too!


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