I've just today went to join a surfing website which i've never been on only to discover i couldnt join.
Because my email address was already registered. So i asked for a password request to be sent to the address which to my amazement arrives. I log in and low and behold.

My USERNAME from this site is being used.
My PROFILE PIC from this site is being used.
My EMAIL ADDRESS from this site is being used.

I would love some input Captain and i think this post should not be taked down as people need to be informed.

I'm truely baffeled and worried. Is this the work of fraud or a program that links the site?

I suggest everyone changes their password here and their email. I hope this can be figured out.

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I'll check this out

Thank you
It's probably because you went to another NING hosted forum . This means your log in will be remembered .

My log in will be remembered from where?

I've never been onto this site i found that had a complete profile set up on it mirrored to this one. I've never had an interest in what the sites about up until a few days ago. So what are you saying your part of this ning hosted forum so its possible my details from here end up on another site also using the same system?
Didnt you post in March?
Dublin to Athens?
Uh Yup!
Did you post from a pc and you left it still logged in?
Lol... whats that got to do with the price of cheese. If i stay logged in to this site that means on another site its going to copy my profile from here.

No i never stay logged in, and this is a private computer.
What I was suggesting was that someone could have seen you were still logged in and looked at your profile.
Sure others can help???
I think you might not be following! lol...

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