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Returned from Vegas

Posted on November 13, 2011 at 9:00pm 1 Comment

Got back yesterday 10 hours there and back with xxxx. I cant believe I did it and hardly looked at my watch.. Iv never managed more than 2 hours before. Used NLP, over and over , lots of bachs flower remedy sprays and lots of relaxation exercises.

Las Vegas 11 hour flight!have I gone mad 2 months to go

Posted on September 12, 2011 at 12:07am 6 Comments

The last flight I took was less than 2 hours long and was my honeymoon 3 years ago! the location was Palma and we then got on a cruise.. I have managed to 'get away with it for 3 years but again feel resentfull of my terrible fear of flying. As I am 50 this year my husband as managed to encourage me into agreeing to a flight to Vegas... ironically not a location I would have chosen as no beech to lay on but Iv agreed.


I realise that 50 is a markable age and I just dont want…


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At 9:51pm on September 13, 2011, Captain Keith said…

Hi Lesa


It's not a flight, it's a day course on a de-commissioned aircraft . Here's a link to some information about it

Getting on a plane and takinbg a flight doesn't mean that you've overcome your fear of flying it just means you've taken a flight. So we help you to develop lasting startegies.

Your fear is with you here on the ground...that's the plavce to start to overcome it.


At 7:58am on September 13, 2011, Captain Keith said…

Lesa  (sorry about the previous version)


Elizabeth has said it all for me. My take is that facing the fear is the only way to overcome it. Knowing the facts, using strategies that work and being prepared to stick with it until you find that key to succeeding.

We've got a course on 15th Oct money back if it doesn't work...only place in the world that is confident enough to offer that.



At 8:26pm on September 12, 2011, Elizabeth said…

Life begins at 50!---------------------Read up all you can on F of Flying website, watch the videos . Immerse yourself with information about flying and how safe and normal it is.

Can you get to one of Keith's courses? and R_E_L_A_X-practise DEEP Breathing -look up Diaphragmatic breathing on the web and practice breathing away your fears .

What authority have I to be saying all the above-------- well when I was approaching my 51st birthday I realised I had to address my fear of flying(the last time I had flown was in 1979) family holidays had been spent going to France, Spain etc by ferry but I wanted to travel more- so I plucked up courage and booked on a course at Exeter airport which included a short flight. THEN I discovered Keith's site and went to one of his first seminars in Winchester. My fears were mainly claustrophobia and making a fool of myself One thing that really helped me was Keith told me that the pilot is able to manually open his window- not at high altitudes obviously because of the pressure but Just knowing this has helped me enormously. I am flying next week and for the last few days i have been doing relaxation exercises and deep breathing in preparation for my forthcoming flight.Since meeting Keith and filling my head with information from him I have flown to Italy several times,Spain, Abu Dhabi, but my huge achievement was a 9.5 hour flight to CUBA. I love 747s and 777s the bigger planes feel so spacious inside.Turbulence is just a part of flying- do you worry yourself sick about travelling on a bumpy bus? If their is turbulence I pretend I am on a bumpy road journey..

Carpe Deum- sieze the opportunities before you- my brother in law recently died far too young, He was talking about travelling when he retired -sadly that won't happen.

Do investigate Keith's course it is held in a fuselage of a real plane and you can ask him any question you want to about aspects of flying.

best wishes, Elizabeth

At 10:39am on September 12, 2011, Captain Keith said…

hi Lisa


We run courses too...well worth a look.



At 8:31pm on September 11, 2011, Captain Keith said…

Hi and welcome to this forum for fearful flyers. There is a page on the website that deals with the worries that you have listed

Please don’t hesitate to ask me anything you need to know about. I will always give you honest answers, and explain flying in a way that is accurate, helpful and interesting to you.
Please post your stories, videos and pictures to encourage others to share your successes and to encourage them when they need support.
We’ve got a lot of help and information on our website (flyingwithoutfear.com) and our shop has all the help you’re ever likely to need (Book, CD, DVD, Guide, Audio Courses).

I know that you will think that the longer you leave addressing your fear the better it will be for you. In fact the opposite is true. Look around the site and on this forum I can promise you that you will not uncover something that will make you more nervous than you are now. This site is written in a way to help you to overcome your fear.
We’re here to help you
Best wishes...and it would help everyone if you could add your location
to the map (but only if you want to...it's your choice...it's your
social network)
Captain Keith



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