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Time of the year

It's the time of the year when many fearful flyers start to think about their holidays.

if your anxiety levels are beginning to rise give me a call and we can chat about the best way to overcome your fear.

Captain Keith

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It's that awful time when we set off with the best of intentions and discover that our will power isn't quite as strong as we needed.

The great thing about resolving to overcome your fear of flying is that it's one of those things that is likely to succeed.

Despite how you feel right now the chances are that you will overcome your fear. I have helped hundreds of people to overcome their fears and discover a new life. The t…


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How difficult is it to fly a modern jet airliner?

Here's the answer.   Fly Now

Captain Keith

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Hi Keith,

I want to say thank you so much for your help with overcoming my fear of flying, and to encourage anyone in a similar position to take your course. 

Despite having flown a lot as a child and loved it, I had developed a phobia of it in adulthood and had not flown for seven years before attending. 

I had previously done a BA course, which despite the best efforts of those running it, didn’t help…


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I was going thru' some old emails and found this

Hi Captain Keith

Well I just have to let you know I took my 2 hour flight to Tasmania!!
On a tiny half empty Boeing 787 I think. A few bumps then smooth.
I love seeing the scenery below - coastlines especially. 
Of course I was so excited to land - my first flight in about a year - I thanked the pilots and cried a handful of tears of relief. The captain let me…

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Almost lost it in the last flight...

My last flight (one of many I've done since taking the course)  was a bit scarier and bumpier, and I must admit I almost lost it. The turbulence, the weather, and all the recent horrible news.

Still, the most frightening part was not the flight, but the panic that I could feel growing in just didn't make sense and I felt so afraid I'd come back to the days when only seting foot on the bridge to the plane would give me tachicardia. 

Still, that did not happen. I am well…


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6 Flights in 3 Weeks


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Just a couple of pics to help inspire people to fly, had good flights and great holiday in Mexico, now just 2 flights home via Washington bit more nervous about night flights they feel a bit more claustrophobic to me also not looking fwd to weather at home doesn't help!

Added by Clare Humphreys on January 16, 2016 at 6:31pm — 2 Comments

Flying Again

Hello All,

Just to say, firstly, that if one thinks about it, Flying is not about being a safer form of transport, but is Safe!!

My first flights were in the old BEA Trident period, compared to todays planes these were rickety but safe non the less.

The power now in those engines of today you can feel the difference, those of us that remember the old tridents.  Nice to look back on them now.

My next flight in November is to Faro by my favourite airline, British…


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So... I write this blog post having just returned from Spain, Gibraltar to be exact. The same place I was flying to 4 years ago when I decided to once and for all go and see Keith and try and 'enjoy …

So... I write this blog post having just returned from Spain, Gibraltar to be exact. The same place I was flying to 4 years ago when I decided to once and for all go and see Keith and try and 'enjoy flying'. I have always flown. I can't pretend my fear is as severe as some that cannot, but I would hold my breath, grab the seat, get clammy, I even had a panic attack once and then panicked about panicking!! However.... I've since been to Turkey - twice, Spain, Gibraltar to be exact, 7 times and… Continue

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Another Flight Taken

Just an update, I have just returned from Faro, by Monarch, nice enough airline, but I prefer British Airways, sorry did I say that too loud?

Anyway a good flight, very little turbulence, but every time a bump I said to myself, "only uncomfortable, not dangerous" I seemed ok, the bit I didn't like was the stacking at Gatwick, safe enough but goes on for a bit, but a good flight nonetheless.

My next one is to Australia in December for Christmas and New Year, I will tell more…


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The Old Feeling

My first flight was on a Hawker Siddeley 748, twin engine prop, from Gatwick to Beavais.  It turned out to be a gale of a weekend in November 1973.  We took off in lovely weather and climbed to 21,000 feet.  Over the channel we entered cloud and then the rollercoaster ride of a lifetime.  Even the airstewardess, as they were called then, had to crawl along the floor.  And there was me looking on as if the whole thing was a normal day out.  Anyway we returned safely to UK.

My next…


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RE: Croatia Again!

Dear Keith and Members of this amazing blog.

We are off to Croatia again (this is the 3rd time).

I will post on my return!..

Love Jane xx

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RE: Off to Croatia again!

Hi Keith and everyone here on this amazing forum...

We are off again to Croatia on Saturday morning!.

We are sailing. Last year there was a storm on the sea, quite scary!

I'll post when we get back.. Keith are you still travelling to Guernsey for your family?

Love Jane x

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Nervous again.

Hello, I've been doing really well and have flown 5 return trips in just over a year. I'm currently sitting in Lanzarote airport waiting for our flight to be called and feeling nervous. I really wish I could get over this completely. Anyway, hope everyone is doing well with their own particular issues and managing to fly without fear. x

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Old timer here...Kim Frey

Hello to all.  I have been off and on this site for years.  At first my fear eliminated the option to fly.  Kept me from weddings, Europe, etc.  Now, through my friend Capt. Keith, I have been able to fly a bit.  I live in Los Angeles and over the past 5 years have flown to and from Alaska, Dallas, and Louisiana.  GUESS WHAT!?  I have taken a job that requires REGULAR FLYING.  Every quarter I will take about 1.5 hour flights from LA to Reno  and LA to Vegas.  Next week, I am flying to…


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Flight booked!!!

Can't believe I'm back on here again after a few years and you guessed it I have flight booked for June 12 to Barcelona and getting slightly anxious. I know this web site will help a lot and I also have the online
course to help me. Happy flying I hope .

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transatlantic flight

Hi, Im new to the site but am an avid reader of fly without fear book!!! I fly 4-5 times a year and usually at least 1 of those is long haul. My fear seems to be getting worse over the years not better. I fly to New York next week, and am petrified. I hate flying over the ocean. If something were to happen theres no where to land? My other fear on this flight is I have done research into the plane we will be flying on and its nearly 19 years old!!! Irrational I know!!! But should a plane of…


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Fligh is approaching

I am going to fligh to Dubai saturday
6 hours and the fear is already here !
I am reading the Cap. Book and it Works but a Lot still need to be done.
It Will be in business seat but it does not help so Much. Any suggestion about pre flight fear?
Someone knows if trainings are Made Also in Italy?

Added by Gianluca on January 21, 2015 at 7:44pm — 1 Comment

I felt so much better

Many thanks Keith for all the support and help.   I had a great holiday and really enjoyed the flight (did I really say that).   We went with easyJet and had a great flight both ways.   I am not sure why I felt better but probably a lot was due to you explaining that planes cannot fall from the sky!!  That there is a lot of planning of loads, routes and weather etc.   That the wings can't fall off!  and so many other reasons.   I will not say I am cured but I certainly felt so much better.  …


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