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This is my first blog! My name is Lynne and in a couple of months time I will be flying from Manchester to Barbados. Most people would be over the moon but already I am starting to have sleepless nights. Its not that I havnt flown before (and I have been to Barbados twice before) but because of a couple of bad experiences I am getting myself into a state that this will happen again. The experiences were mainly due to severe turbulance but also a really bad approach and landing at… Continue

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Hi Keith - remember me Jelly? I'm off to Jersey again.

Dear Keith,

Its nice to be back on here again.

I managed a flight to Jersey in 2007 with your help and Phoebe's too.

Well, looks like I am off there again in the Summer. We are looking at flights from Gloucester Airport.

There is a prop plane called a Dornier 228D and I am unsure about how the flight may be on one of those?

Is it pressurised? How high do they go? Are they very small? Are they noisy? Are they as safe as a jet?

Is a small airport as good as a… Continue

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HI again I just wondered, looking at your book Captain Keith, you talk about the plane's ability to glide for 30 mins, which is really reassuring. Can I ask whether this is still applicable though du…

HI again

I just wondered, looking at your book Captain Keith, you talk about the plane's ability to glide for 30 mins, which is really reassuring. Can I ask whether this is still applicable though during take off or landing? On my last landing it felt as though the nose was dipping down for a second until the pilot booted up the power upon descent.

Also you talk in your dvd about the planes' abilities nowadays to fly themselves' (bigger planes etc) - but this makes me…


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First of all I would like to thank Keith who was very kind and helpful. So thank you Keith!

Well my name is Michele, and I too am quite scared of flying, so before anything else this will help me overcome my own fears!

I am doing this research project on fear of flying.. what makes people not want to fly? For me.. well many factors really... I've had pretty bad experiences in the past, bad turbulence, bad take offs, bad landings... well... you probably know what I am…


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flew safely

Hi Keith et all

I flew to Ireland on Thursday, back yesterday from Bristol with Ryanair and it was fine. I didn't really enjoy the flights though so a bit disappointed about that, when we took off on Thursday the plane climbed quite steeply, which I didn't like much, although it was perfectly safe, and then the seatbelt sign came on after it had gone off when we'd levelled out, which I panicked about a little, so i asked the hostess why, and they said something about wheeling the hot…


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What the hell should i do! help..

Heeey all :)

My name is lewis robinson, i havent been on a plaine since i was 6 or 7, i m now 16. And im really fascinated with plaines and travelling and just frankly want to see the world. However, not only am i petrified of flying but am really really scared of hights. The thought of falling actually makes me shake when im at home. I dont really know what to do about it, so i typed it in on google and this came up so i thought i would give it a try, i watched a couple of…

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4 days to cuba and i am so sick because i am making myself sick thinking about going away . if i could think right i should be happy for the fun and sunshine to come. this was a gift for me to go way with my boyfriend.please someone out there help me please.

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