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Just got back from Newcastle and even though it was a 70 minute flight, the last 30 mins of it was sheer terror for me.  Looking back on that now I've had a cup of tea, it's kind of embarassing in a …

Just got back from Newcastle and even though it was a 70 minute flight, the last 30 mins of it was sheer terror for me.  Looking back on that now I've had a cup of tea, it's kind of embarassing in a way as there were quiet tears from me and then a quick excuse to run to the bathroom to be ill.  Since the Japan flight I was kiiiind of hoping it would be okay since it was a short hop, but ouch I think that one set me back.

We were unfortunate to encounter bad weather, heavy…


Added by Kate N Evans on July 31, 2012 at 5:32pm — 13 Comments

77W or B777-300

Hi Keith and all,

I've been looking at flights from Melbourne to Frankfurt and I came across the plane called 77W or B777-300. given this plan has only 2 engines it got me thinking- are the engines as large as say on a 747? Its not rational but I'm worried about it being a long haul flight with only 2 engines, I feel so much better with 4 on the B747 and A380,


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Finally back from Japan.  Coming back we flew from Narita-Tokyo to Amsterdam, then back to Cork.  The long haul one was a bit bumpy again, but the flight attendant said that it was always a bit bumpy until they got to the siberian lowlands.  There were three instances of hearing words that would normally set me off in tears- "Flight Attendants take your seats please".

Boy that was definitely bumpy.  But I reminded myself that turbulence was uncomfortable, not dangerous, and…


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Pre-flight lists

Following some advice from Keith about prioritising and de-stressing, I started making lists. It’s certainly cathartic, if nothing else. Lists of things to do are easy. Clean, pack, check documents, I can do all those with no stress. More problematic are the random worries and fears that I can’t find anything practical to do about. Still, why not try. Put them on a list where I can see them, and address them one by one.

List of worries.

1)      I’ll get shaken down for…


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Pilots may be human after all.

I haven't posted a blog on here yet. I actually have another blog over on wordpress where I write about this stuff. I'd like to link to it eventually but not until I get a chance to make it look a bit better. Still, I wrote this post in response to a blog I found here, so I thought I'd post it on this site too. Feel free to comment, agree, disagree or ignore as you see fit :)

I’ve just read a blog here…


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My flight

Well i fley out to Ibiza on June 25th and sitting on the plane before take off was a nightmare, i began to cry. The take off was the worst but as i opened my eyes we were in the air and i began to feel a little less nervous. I would say that the flight was still terrifying for me, however i managed to smile and kept telling myself "uncomfortable, not dangerous". The way back was nice and smooth which made me feel at ease. I just worry how i would feel if there was…


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