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completed 6 flights in 4 weeks!

Hi everyone, I just got back from Hong Kong last night. It was a good flight, the take off was a bit bumpy, because of weather conditions but the rest was smooth. Looking back, I would have to say the anticipation was the worst bit for me. Because 2 days prior to my HK flight, my flight from Tokyo to Hong Kong was bumpy for a while. That made me very anxious coming into the final flight home.

I avoided flying since 2006, but in the last 4 weeks, I've taken 6 flights! It's not easy,…


Added by Yilyn Lim on December 18, 2012 at 2:51pm — 5 Comments

medium haul flight coming up in 2 days

Hi Everyone

I have an 8-hour flight coming up on Saturday. It's actually 2 x 4 hour flights with an hour transit in Hong Kong.

Even though I've been expecting this day for 6 weeks (since I booked my flight) and 6 years (since my last flight), I still feel anxious. I have been practising breathing exercises and will bring a whole bag of distractions with me onboard. 

I'm trying to remain calm and trying to use the information I've gained to normalise my fears but I have…


Added by Yilyn Lim on December 6, 2012 at 5:20pm — 1 Comment

distraction tips during turbulence?

Hi everyone, I'm off to Tokyo, Japan, next Saturday. I'm very excited about this trip, Tokyo has been on my vacation wish-list for a long time :)

I was wondering if anyone has tips or advice on things to distract me or to help me focus if the flight encounters turbulence. I have listened to Captain Keith's CDs which do a great job of explaining turbulence and have read his book as well. Despite understanding why it happens, I do feel very anxious when it does. So, if anyone has great…


Added by Yilyn Lim on December 2, 2012 at 4:50pm — 5 Comments

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