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Back from Rome - and another four flights.

Glad I did not have my experience flying from Belfast to Leeds Bradford with Flybe  some time back or  I have no doubt it would have set me back in my efforts to overcome my fear of flying. Unruly raucous loud mouthed passengers two of whom were seated behind me.  I had literally to tell them to shut up during the safety demonstration - which I think the crew should have done. Loud laughter bellowing in my ear and knees pushing into my back,…


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Four More Flights Coming Up

Flying from Belfast City to Leeds Bradford Friday 19th and the flying from Leeds to Rome on Sun 21

Rome to Leeds Thurs 25th, Leeds to Belfast Sat 27th

The last time I flew to Rome is more years ago than I care to remember.  But I do remember the fear and the tears at Rome airport.  It was nothing to the terror I experienced a few days later at Heathrow.  The Air Hostess said she never witnessed anyone so afraid! My sister said to remind her never to travel with me…


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Another Flight

Always like to clock in another flight even if it is a short one.  Flew Belfast Intl to Gatwick a few weeks ago.  The weekend was a gift to the Chelsea Flower Show after my mishaps in Iceland.  I didn't get my usual window seat on the plane.  Not very long ago that would have caused me anxiety not being able to see out. I still like to see out and follow the route.  The landing at Gatwick was a bit wobbly and for once I wasn't the person who was nervous.

When we landed at Belfast Intl…


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Another Successful Flight- The Mishaps were at ground level!

Flew from Belfast International to Iceland and back last weekend.  Outgoing an early morning flight the return flight late evening so not so much to see.

We arrived in Iceland too early to book in to our hotel so we were taken on a short tour.  Our first stop was at a Visitor/Tourist Centre of some description.  I went downstairs to use the toilets.  The lighting was quite dim and I accidentally walked into a water fountain which was practically at a level with the floor.  Apart from…


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Another Flight Coming up 19 April 14

Fly to Iceland from Belfast International with Jet 2 on 19 April returning 21st.  Always good to check in her first!  Thankfully haven't suffered from the normal anxiety which would have started by now!

Must look up the flight path - I have found this a great help along with taking a window seat.  It helps to make flying normal for me.  I dare say I will have a few twinges before I travel but I have discovered I have those apprehensions by whatever method I travel.  I will be driving…


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Another Flight

Another return flight to Leeds this week and planning a trip to Rome September. Definitely the more I fly the more natural it becomes.  I love looking out now and viewing the scene below - weather permitting!

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Another Flight

Flying tomorrow morning from Belfast International to Newcastle on way to Alnmouth for Christmas Walking Holiday.

My thinking tries to play games with me for a few days before a flight but good to recognise,  it for what it is - turned the news off this evening when they were interviewing people re Lockerbie.  Whilst it did not disturb like it would have before though it best not to watch before a flight!

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Captain Keith's email re landing in fog

I have just read this email with extra interest because when I was flying back from Nice to Belfast a few weeks ago as we wee approaching Paris we left the clear skies an lovely aerial views behind.  It was so misty I though we were going to land at Belfast International without seeing the runway.

It is in these instances that I have found the logical explanations so valuable and helped to convince me of the safety of flying. As I read the email it triggered a memory of my standing…


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Flight Nice to Belfast

Thank you Elizabeth for your comments and yes indeed I am back home.  I had two very pleasant flights looking out all the way the flight to Nice was particularly enjoyable the only 'drawback' was the Captain not telling us the flight path! I asked the Stewardess at one stage what coastline we had just crossed over - she didn't know but asked the Captain! We were flying over Normandy.  I find it helps a lot and makes it more real when I know where we are flying over.  Another step forward and…


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Forthcoming Flight to Belfast to Nice

Due to go on holiday Tuesday next the 24th Sept flying from Belfast Intl to Nice.  Looked up Internet for flying time which it seems is the same as from Belfast Intl to Jersey - 2hrs 35mins.  I flew to Jersey last September so I shouldn't find the time factor a problem.  It helps me pass the time when I visualise the flight path and imagine where the plane is flying over - helps to keep it real.  Big big change for me for me to be more apprehensive about going away with 17 others than I am…


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Another Flight

Flew Belfast to Leeds again last Friday and brought the good weather with me!  Two beautiful flights in clear sunny skies could see out all the way and it is great to be coming to recognise the landscape!  It is very true the more I fly the easier it becomes.  Am looking forward to a holiday on Italian coast Sept  flying Belfast to Nice.  This will be my longest flight since tackling my fears.  There is no doubt also Captain Keith's explanations of the flight management and various noises…


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Another Flight

Another successful flight back forward to Leeds last week, the flight over was magical glorius day and the view out was so clear all the way. what a feeling to be able to llok out and start recognising familiar places.

Have had to cancel my trip to Iceland in April which is disappointing but what a joy to be able to report it is not due to a fear of flying.  I may have surgical procedures coming up so can't take the risk of having to cancel and lose my money.  However I may be able to…


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Another Flight tomorrow

Flying from Belfast to Leeds again tomorrow.

Flying to Iceland in April and to Nice in September!  Some distance for a fearful flyer for me to have ventured

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Another Flight Coming Up

Flying to Jersey this Wed 5th from Belfast International.  All my flights to date have been to the mainland so by small steps Im flying a little bit further. Thankfully so far I am not suffering that pre flight anxiety -big change for me.

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Back home after Another Flight + Helicopter!

Back home after a lovely but long journey to Tresco in Scilly Isles! Flying from Dublin with Ryan Air on the outward journey I was sitting at the window over the wing. I was amazed once again how much the explanations given by Captain Keith on video and in book form help me understand what goes on during a flight and be more relaxed. I could see the movement of the wing flaps at different times and especially when the plane landed and the flaps opened up totally. Before I would have been…


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Fly tomorrow Dublin to Stansted

I fly tomorrow from Dublin to Stansted with Ryan Air - my first time flying with Ryan Air (have to say some of the comments from people about Ryan Air have not been too complimentary!) my first time flying from an airport from here other than Belfast City  or Belfast International. Good to be able to come on this site and share how you are feeling. I have what is the natural anxiety for me before travelling the big difference being now I know I will travel. I have not been in Dublin Airport…


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Forthcoming Flight by Plane & Helicopter!

Up in the air again on 10 May flying from Dublin to Stansted with Ryan Air (which has drawn a few comments from people such as "Ryan Air?"!!!) and the following day I have a short flight by helicopter from Plymouth to Scilly Isles - getting braver!!

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Back Home

Flew back home from Leeds Bradford to Belfast on Wednesday evening and just like the outward journey there was not that pre- journey panic thankfully. On the previous Friday when I was flying to Leeds from Belfast my friend had to drop me off early so I was about two hours at the airport and that was a test in itself as to how things have improved so much. Normally I would be pacing up and down and back and forward to the ladies! I managed to sit and do my crossword until a rather dour young…


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Another Flight

Flying to Leeds again this evening at 6.30pm and what a joy it is to be  able to say I have not had any of the pre flight anxiety - there have been times throughout the week I have looked forward to flying - I feel I know the route!! I think it is starting to feel natural.


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Up In the Air!

Up in the air again tomorrow flying from Belfast City to Leeds/Bradford.  the sick feeling is there but I know I will travel. What it does to my thinking as the time approaches

Added by Lena McCann on April 18, 2011 at 7:22pm — 2 Comments


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