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Time of the year

It's the time of the year when many fearful flyers start to think about their holidays.

if your anxiety levels are beginning to rise give me a call and we can chat about the best way to overcome your fear.

Captain Keith

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It's that awful time when we set off with the best of intentions and discover that our will power isn't quite as strong as we needed.

The great thing about resolving to overcome your fear of flying is that it's one of those things that is likely to succeed.

Despite how you feel right now the chances are that you will overcome your fear. I have helped hundreds of people to overcome their fears and discover a new life. The t…


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How difficult is it to fly a modern jet airliner?

Here's the answer.   Fly Now

Captain Keith

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Hi Keith,

I want to say thank you so much for your help with overcoming my fear of flying, and to encourage anyone in a similar position to take your course. 

Despite having flown a lot as a child and loved it, I had developed a phobia of it in adulthood and had not flown for seven years before attending. 

I had previously done a BA course, which despite the best efforts of those running it, didn’t help…


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I was going thru' some old emails and found this

Hi Captain Keith

Well I just have to let you know I took my 2 hour flight to Tasmania!!
On a tiny half empty Boeing 787 I think. A few bumps then smooth.
I love seeing the scenery below - coastlines especially. 
Of course I was so excited to land - my first flight in about a year - I thanked the pilots and cried a handful of tears of relief. The captain let me…

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Third London Airport or, another runway at Heathrow?

Should it be a new airport or another runway for London?

One thing's for sure the politicians will do whatever they think is the most popular to keep them in power but from a fearful flyers point of view the worry will be about all those extra planes in the air all needing space to get to the new facility.

Air Traffic Control has changed so much in the last few years that we'd be going backwards if we couldn't handle more aircraft. Aircraft navigational systems can…


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Well done that co-pilot for sticking to the rules


A pilot accidentally got locked in an airplane toilet on a New York-bound flight after the latch on the door jammed as the plane was about to land.

The drama unfolded onboard the Chautauqua Airlines flight on Wednesday evening, after the pilot took a mid-air toilet break and got trapped in the bathroom.

One of the passengers heard the pilot knocking on the door trying to attract attention and went to help.

Unaware of what was actually happening onboard, the co-pilot…


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Fear of flying Course

Laura thought the course toaday was perfect

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It would take me too long to exploit the nonsense in this newspaper report but I'll just pick out a few of the words and sentences and give you my view of them.

Quote from a passenger "It was dark but suddenly all the lights came on..." Well if it's dark and you turn on a light it is sudden...that's the nature of light.

"...and all the air hostesses were shouting and we could see a man trying to open the emergency door. The plane started shaking." I know for a fact…


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Web Site

Don't forget to get all the information you need from the main site at

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From Jo

Hi Captain Keith

                       Tried very hard to get in your comment blog  it said comments closed so iam going to write it on here .
My nameis joseph  Iam maltese so been flying for quite a few years once I had a bad flght
and since then thats when my fear of flying started. I even started Driving to malta, how
silly is that, It take 3 hours by plane, 5 days by car,In the 80s I went to afear of flying course at london heathrow…

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Other websites and When pilots are sure that all is well for take-off.

Hi Everyone

As you'd expect I look around other fear of flying sites to see what's going on. Quite often chunks of my website or book contents appear on other sites so I have to keep an eye on copyright issues.

One person I contested said that he thought I was arrogant and unfriendly because I asked him to remove an entire page of my book from his site. After all he said "I was only trying to help people, what's so wrong in that?" The only helping that was going on was his… Continue

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Sights and Sounds Seminar

Are you thinking of signing up for a fear of flying course? If you are then read on.

Overcoming the fear of flying is not about getting on a flight and proving that 'you can do it'. Many people succeed on a 'graduation flight' but are unable to deal with their fear in different circumstances.

Airline courses vary . Some are programs that run over several week ends, more typically others run for a day with lectures in the morning and a graduation flight later in the day.… Continue

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An Email

Just received this

Hi Captain Keith!!

So glad to receive this information! Since my initial posts on the forum - I have been able to overcome a lot of my fears of flying, and actually enjoyed a flight I took recently from Washington State to New Mexico! Still get jittery during takeoffs, but nothing like before.

I will definitely spread the word to anybody I know who has a fear of flying, and direct them to your new page - and I will certainly keep up to date on… Continue

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Spreading the word about LOGBOOK 24/7

It's an accepted fact now that nearly 40% of the travelling public are anxious about flying. There's a whole bunch of people who just can't fly...until they come here

So many people have visited the site and forum in a state of despair thinking that they might never see their family or their friends again.

We've seen stories of broken romances cancelled honeymoons and family disruption that are not only very sad but, in the… Continue

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'LOGBOOK 24/7' The fear of flying social network

Our on line forum on the website has exceeded all our fact its limitations are beginning to show. So we've decided to opened this new community which we think will be more suited to the needs of our readers.

Without doubt the best help and support that any fearful flyer can get is help and support that comes from people who feel the same way.

Sometimes fearful flyers want to hear from experts so that they can have their worries attended to, so we've kept the… Continue

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