3 flights this week. Flybe flights from Luton to Isle of Man and return today. Pilots good pointing out landmarks and towns we were going over. Nice polite staff at IOM security talking normally to us as they x-rayed our luggage. Not nice and rude at Luton. (memo to myself never travel from Luton again). But the 3rd flight was in a Helicopter from Shoreham airshow last Saturday. My first helicopter ride put me off flying for 30 years so I pleased I had the opportunity to show how far I had come when I took a 5 minute flight with my 8 year old Grandson. Great Pilot - talking all the time, telling us what he was going to do and when, -  both in the air and the before the flight. Pilots who are aware that some passengers may be nervous and tell us things such as weather and height where we are going to turn etc. really make a difference.

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Comment by Tony Pearce on September 18, 2012 at 7:55pm

Hi Julie,

Thanks for the kind comments. I just couldn't stand a long flight over the Atlantic because I would be so bored. I just can't sit still. However when I take a flight I do check it first. On the Helicopter trip I went to the pilot and had a long discussion - he told me he thought Helicopters were safer than planes because at the first sign of trouble he was landing in someone's back-garden with 10 seconds. He doesn't need an airport !! Then I watched him take a couple of flights with others. Then I knew I could handle it and went up. Some people think its nerves - I know its how I am. Knowing your self and your limitations is worth while. Hope this helps. I can remember 6 years ago when I was PETRIFIED of flying. Now I can do it and I'm so grateful to Keith and this site.


Comment by Captain Keith on September 18, 2012 at 9:03am

Hi Julie

Where is the blog about AF447? Do you mean the one on the actual flyingwithoutfear blog or somewhere on this community.

You are doing yourself a  disservice when you say about letting people down. The fact of the matter is that it doesn't help you to address your fear of flying when you feel responsible for the happiness of others.

If you think about yourself and your problems then you'll make progress. All the time you answer to other people you will be limited by their needs not yours. It's a really tough thing to do but it's the way you'll address your fear. In fact it's the only way.

You may be upset by the AF 447 but it's a fact. I'm sure you still drive or ride in a car despite the daily evidence of the risk.

You'll notice that we deal with the truth on this forum...we say it how it is ..if we didn't then one day we'd be seen for hiding the truth and that would undermine everything on the forum.

I'm sorry that it added to your anxiety...but I cannot remove it ...or I'd end up not talking about turbulence, thunderstorms and anything else that worries people.

I want you to be confident that you will address your fear...however hard it is for you right now. But we're here to help support and encourage you for as long as you need us.


Comment by Julie Williamson on September 17, 2012 at 10:36pm

Well done Tony, I recognise you from the DVD - you are an inspiration (unlike myself who recently backed out of a flight to New York and disappointed the whole family).

I just wish that someone would remove that blog about flight 447 which is the first thing that comes up when you log in! I joined the sight and was doing really well until I saw that (wasn't even aware of flight 447 before then).

Like I say well done you though!

Comment by Captain Keith on September 9, 2012 at 7:41am


you never cease to amaze me.



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