Hi Keith and all,

I've been looking at flights from Melbourne to Frankfurt and I came across the plane called 77W or B777-300. given this plan has only 2 engines it got me thinking- are the engines as large as say on a 747? Its not rational but I'm worried about it being a long haul flight with only 2 engines, I feel so much better with 4 on the B747 and A380,


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Comment by Erni Mededovic on August 22, 2012 at 2:02am
Just wanted to give a quick update. I sucessfully completed my round trip without any problems. Thanks Captain Keith for the encouraging words. TheY did help for sure...
Comment by Captain Keith on August 13, 2012 at 9:25am

You must keep asking yourself...What are the chances of this happening


Comment by Erni Mededovic on August 13, 2012 at 5:23am
You are right and I do appriciate the response. However, that is my problem. My mind playing games with me. Another thing I am concern with is the fire :-(
Comment by Captain Keith on August 11, 2012 at 11:28pm

Ok so you saw a story once....with millions of flights since then why focus on that one...it's not logical. I heard of people who have died falling down the stairs.

I don't know why there was a big fuss about the landing in the hUdson ...any airline pilot could have done it ...but why do you think the press made a fuss about 130 people not dying?

Yes a fuel tank did explode but that was years ago. Things move on.

The Gimli glider wasn't over the ocean...you can't take one set of circumstances and try to apply them elsewhere...people throw water over each other by the swimming pool if that happened while I was at  my PC I might get an electric shock and die. It's illogical to connect events like that.

OK so you saw one report of people being sucked out of one plane years ago. If you are really worried about chance events  don't get in your car to go to the airport.

More people die on the roads in America in a month than die worldwide in aircraft in a year. But you don't think twice about getting in a car.

I don't deny any of the things you mention...but why pick on 3  or 4 events in millions and millions of flights when you're more likely to get  kicked to death by a donkey. If you want to stay safe spend your life on a plane...like I have.

Harsh words maybe... but true.


Comment by Erni Mededovic on August 11, 2012 at 9:48pm

Hi Captain Keith,

Thank you for responding to me. It really means a lot. Your webpage is great. I wish I found this earlier.

I studied airplanes so much and learned so much about them. I know any airliner model out there by just looking at it. I feel like I could hoop in the cockpit and fly that bird by myself. :-). HOWEVER, my mind is killing me with thoughts. Let me try to answer to your questions/responses how I see them. 

Tanks exploding: Read a story once where a airplane took off with one empty tank. However, tank was full of the gas fumes, and some static spark ignited the fumes and tank exploded affecting second tank as well full of the fuel. The airplane broke in half in mid air. 

Landing on water: Hudson river was very calm that day, and Pacific Ocean 1000 miles from shore is nothing like Hudson river. It is very choppy even on calm days. Also I read about how hard is to land on the water without power. You have to have perfect straight approach and speed in order not to break the airplane. How many pilots are really ready for this? They are calling Captain Sullivan (Hudson River Landing) hero and making such a big deal about it. If it's so simple to land on water, why such a big commotion around it?

Both engines failing: Gimli Glider - An article where computer was not showing proper fuel level in tanks so pilot decided to manually measure it and miscalculated it, so it ened up without fuel at 41000 feet. He landed it successfully (still not too much fun there), but what if that would happen over Pacific Ocean?

Another thing I am scared of is piece of fuselage getting ripped of midair and getting sucked out. I saw one accident where that happend. 

So like you can see, my mind is really racing around when thinking about flying. 2 more days to my trip. :-(

Thanks again for responding!


Comment by Captain Keith on August 11, 2012 at 6:33am

Hi Erni

Flying lessons aren't often  a good way to overcome a fear of flying.

But two engines really is no problem. These engines run for years without problems. Why on earth should a tank suddenly explode? It's not something I've ever heard of. I can understand your feelings...and of course you're concerned by them...but feelings aren't facts.

And I have to say that planes can and have landed successfully on water...it is one of the things that we train for. And what about the Hudson river incident?

But now I guess you'll say what about being rescued...but that too is another matter. The life rafts are fully equipped and have locator beacons...and first aid equipment and water and, and, and...

Can you give me reasons why both engines could fail simultaneously? Though your thoughts may say they might/can I'd like to hear YOUR reasons.

You're not likely to hit a flock of birds at 39,000feet. The fuel won't suddenly run out...mechanical  problems won't occur at the same time..if at all. So what's left apart from imagination?

Sorry to be so matter of fact but that's the way we do it in flying...right now there are  over one and a half thousand jumbos airborne...how many have multiple engine failures?

8,000,000 people will fly today. As they did yesterday and the day before and the day before and the weeks and months before that and the years before that. How many have had multiple engine failures?

Why would it be you?


Comment by Erni Mededovic on August 11, 2012 at 12:36am


This is my main concern as well. I am off in 3 days to Honolulu from Sacramento, on a Hawaiian B767, and have really hard time thinking of both engines failing somewhere over Pacific where we have to fly 5 hours over the water! I am not so convinced that such a big plan can successfully land in the middle of choppy Pacific Ocean. This is one of my main fears besides some explosions in the tank or engine blowing in pieces. I do nto even know if I'll ever overcome this. :-( 

I even tried to take flying lessons, and quit on a first try. :-(

Comment by Captain Keith on July 26, 2012 at 8:50pm


I spent a lot of time crossIng the Atlantic on two engines,



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