Flew Belfast to Leeds again last Friday and brought the good weather with me!  Two beautiful flights in clear sunny skies could see out all the way and it is great to be coming to recognise the landscape!  It is very true the more I fly the easier it becomes.  Am looking forward to a holiday on Italian coast Sept  flying Belfast to Nice.  This will be my longest flight since tackling my fears.  There is no doubt also Captain Keith's explanations of the flight management and various noises etc relieves the panic there would be without this reassurance.

There will always be the cynics of course and these "amateur flying experts" like a friend (who knew of my previous terror of flying)asked me if it was Leeds airport I flew to when visiting Leeds as her chiropodist told her it was the worst airport for high winds to which I very proudly and promptly replied "I have been flying there regularly for the last ten years and I have never experienced any difficulty!  Another 'expert' said they had flown to Leeds a few weeks ago and Leeds is one of the most dangerous airports because it is so high up! Thank you Captain Keith and al the other members for helping me to be no longer put off by such comments - I have come too far for that.

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