Another Successful Flight- The Mishaps were at ground level!

Flew from Belfast International to Iceland and back last weekend.  Outgoing an early morning flight the return flight late evening so not so much to see.

We arrived in Iceland too early to book in to our hotel so we were taken on a short tour.  Our first stop was at a Visitor/Tourist Centre of some description.  I went downstairs to use the toilets.  The lighting was quite dim and I accidentally walked into a water fountain which was practically at a level with the floor.  Apart from the shock I was absolutely saturated as was my rucksack but luckily my camera mobile and kindle were not damaged.  I cut my finger but not badly.  Had to get my case of the coach and change out of my wet clothes.  By the time we reached the hotel the dry clothes were wet also!

The following morning we went on a whale watching trip.  I missed my footing on the ladder to the lower deck and fell on to the deck and fractured a bone in my right hand!  Back in my hotel room I found myself saying "To think I thought flying was dangerous!"

I was blogging before I went that I found taking a window seat and looking out makes such a difference.  Just a pity the Captain did not say the flight path or I would have realised it was the Outer Hebredes I was looking down upon!  What I have found valuable about this site aside from the videos and CD's are Captain Keith's explanations.  It so happened I was in the same seat number going out and returning.  It was looking directly out at the back of the wing.  Seeing the flaps going up and down landing and take off was actually quite interesting because it was seeing something for real.  There are still some anxieties at times when up there as to "how is this plane staying up? That was more on the return journey as there was nothing to see out the window! Since I came back it occurred to me it might be even more beneficial now to get the videos and CD out again as I won't be so anxious watching and listening to them

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Comment by Captain Keith on April 25, 2014 at 10:16pm

What a great account ... apart from the bits on the ground!

Well done i'm so glad you're beginning to enjoy the benefits of your courage.



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