anxiety about long haul flight :(

Hi everyone! I really need some advice about my upcoming long haul flight to the UK from Singapore. I was meant to fly at the end of April, but because of work commitments and visa hiccups, I've been putting it off. It's also probably due to my anxiety about making this 13-hour journey that I've been putting it off. 

I'm supposed to leave at the end of July but just looking at flight schedules is a nerve-wrecking experience. My main worry is turbulence. Unfortunately many seasoned travelers have warned me that turbulence almost occurs over the Bay of Bengal because of the changing monsoons. I googled turbulence in that area, and people online have reported sitting through as much as 3 hours of turbulence. I know I shouldn't have done that but curiosity has really gotten the better of me.

Has anyone reading this post done a long haul flight? I'm looking for any tips, advice or words of encouragement from the community. Thanks for taking the time to read my post. 

Best, Yilyn

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Comment by Dorthe on July 13, 2013 at 11:46am
I for sure know the battle!
And unfortunately my brain haven't won yet (but someday it will!!). 
In the plane it's like I am not me. I can't controll  my tears (It's pretty easy to se my fear, and therefore get the help) I ask the attendants silly questions all the time like (is evertthing ok? Are you afraid? Are the captain afraid? :/ ) and I am so embarrassed!!! when I leave the plane ( two years ago my patents saw me in a plane, and they where pretty choked). Never the less: the attendants are always so kind to me. And I couldn't stand the flight without
their help. What I want to say is: there is nothing to loose by telling the attendants about your fear, and do you know what.. You probably don't see them again after the flight. 
I am sure that no one will laugh if you tell about your fear - actually I think that they will be glad because they can help you:) 
And, remember: your are not alone with your fear;) I was beginning to belive so, before I found this site..

I am pretty open about my fear of flying (I think: people have all those fears: fear of spiders, fear of birds and so on, so why shouldn't it be okay to have the fear of flying:). But yes, I do know about stupid things people without the fear can come up with:( but it is probably hard to undestand how someone can be so afraid of something so safely - I even can't undestand myself sometimes ;)

Hope you will get a nice and relaxing weekend too:) 

Comment by Yilyn Lim on July 11, 2013 at 5:23pm

Hi Dorthe, thank you for the kind and encouraging reply. I know that the only way to get over the fear is to face it. But right now, I feel like the heart (fear) is battling the head (logic). I'm nervous now, but I will try to stay positive and confident. No matter the outcome, I will try my best!

I know it's silly, but I always feel embarrassed about telling the crew that I have a fear of flying. Unless it's someone else from this community, I find it hard to open up to people about my anxiety. Most of my friends and family do not have this fear, and often do not give good advice.

Thanks again for your encouragement. Have a happy weekend ahead!

Best wishes, Yilyn

Comment by Dorthe on July 11, 2013 at 4:50pm
Dear Yilyn

I can't give you any advice, but I can tell you, that I am thinking of you, and I know exactly how you feel in your stomach by now. 
If I was you, I would be "glad" to know about the turbulence area - now you know, that it's totally normal (Oh, it is so easy to say, I know..) - your plane will not be the first if you should experince turbulence - meaning: it will not be a problem for the plane, neither for the crew:) (Again, it is easy to say. But it is the truth - could we just get our brains to think rationally about flying, things would be so easy..)
As Keith wrote to me: make a plan. Think about what you will do if there is turbulence. How will you get through it? 
And then, talk to the attendants.  Let them know that you are anxious before the take off. I personally think it's sooo nice, when they on their way through the cabin gives me thumbs up, ore just saying: yes, everything is still okay:)  (oh, the attendants are very bussy, when I am on board - and I am sure, that they laugh the minute I leave the plane;) but who cares:D
I have a friend who is travelling a lot in China due to work ( 11 hours in a plane once a month). I asked her, what she is thinking standing in the airport. And do you know what? She isn't thinking anything. She knows she will get home again:) 



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