Flew from Belfast to Leeds 29 October and returned Leeds Belfast on Tuesday evening 2 November 2010. I went through my usual anxiety before going on the 29th and a quick chat with Captain Ketih was a big help. We had a female pilot flying from Belfast - which actually pleased me, some people are not too keen!). The flight went well although we were on the plane 30 mins before take off as they were being told by Manchester take off could not be before 7.30am. I took my usual window seat and looked out during take off and landing as it helps to make it "real". It was a 7am flight and a dull morning so we were flying above the clouds mostly but as we were descending the colour of the red amidst the clouds was magnificent. The landing was terrible, heavy loud and bumpy and high speed left turn towards the terminal! The amazing thing was however I did not have that terror and it did not impact on my return journey. After the most beautiful weather from Friday to Monday the rain on the way to the airport on Tuesday was torrential right through until we boarded. The flight was due out at 19.55pm but was delayed until 20.35 so I was in the airport from about 6.45pm. I was quite anxious but allowed myself not to be surprised by the delay given the weather. As it turned out the delay was due to a crew member being sick and having to be replaced. As we were queing at the gate the male passenger in front of me said "if it is raining like that in Belfast we are in for a tricky landing"! There is always one know all in the bunch! Miraculously I let that go over my head. Before take off the Captain said there was a possibility of turbulence when we would initially get into the cruise and there was when the cabin crew were trying to prepare the refreshments trolley. that is where all the tapes and books and CD's have helped - having a knowledge o these things takes the mystery and the fear away. At 9pm the Captain announced that they were having to "slow Down" to allow other aircraft to land and that our initally landing time would be delayed aobut 25 minutes so we were about an hour in the air. Again I had no fear with this announcement and was able to look out when we came below the clouds. The Captain or second officer told us when we were flying over the Isle of Man over to our right - I could see lights over to our left so I don't know where that was!!The male "job's comforter" in this instance was wrong because we had the smoothest landing ever and the rain had stopped in Belfast although it was quite windy. Both flights were good obvioulsy from the point of view that in spite of the anxiety I went but also (which is why I have gone into so much detail) with regards to alll the happenings - the delay on take off. the delay at the airport the bumpy landing the turbulence, because thsoe were the times the knowledge given by Captain Keith in the books CD's and tapes came into plaay in a big way so thank you for that. I find if I do what is suggested things go OK but I was very anxious coming up to the day of the flight. After this trip I am beginning have i a fear of flyinf or an anxiety about travel.

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Comment by Elizabeth on November 4, 2010 at 3:30pm
Great news Lena and well done.
Comment by Captain Keith on November 4, 2010 at 11:59am
Well done Lena.



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