Big Trip is coming up - getting nervous

Hi Everyone,

My job is sending me to Amsterdam for training and I will extend another week in Germany to see my family and friends. I am really excited to see everybody, but this is my first long distance flight by myself (8 hours). I did a couple short distance flights by myself within the US - I can manage them, but my anxiety is always with me. But I am able to tell myself "It's only for a couple hours and then you're out here". I've been on many long distance flights with my husbands and feel safe with him next to me. I am anxious, but can handle it. My flight is Sunday in 11 days and I am feeling already tense and my thoughts are "what is if I freak out up there? what if I have a panic attack when the plane is somewhere over the Atlantic? Deep inside I know that I can do it, but my thoughts are making me insecure. Can please someone tell me that I am going to be OK? What if I have someone sitting next to me who doesn't even want to speak one word ... I don't want to talk the whole flight, but someone nice next to you can make that experience more pleasant. Should I share my anxiety with the flight attendants? Maybe they can bump me up to Business ;)

Every input, help and motivation is appreciated!!

Thank you :)

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Comment by Captain Keith on September 11, 2011 at 8:38pm

This is great advice from Claudia.

Please let me know how you are managing and how the trip was for you.

I'm so sorry that I didn't get to answer you when you posted your message. As you can imagine , sometimes I get very busy and I miss answering people.

Captain Keith

Comment by Claudia Flores on September 1, 2011 at 6:49am

Dear Diana,


Guess you already had the big trip. Still, I'd like to share with you that I actually HATED to talk to someone all the fly long. But I have discovered that there is nothing better to get distracted from my paralizying fear. The great thing is that EVERYTIME I find that the persona sitting next to me is incredibly kind and will investis his or her precious time in calming me down, and even making me laugh. Short, don't hesitate to smile to the person next to you and say right away: 'Sorry, I get so nervous! May I speak to you a little to calm down?" Luck!


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