Captain Keiths Course.......My day...

I am so pleased with myself.Having claimed the fear of flying, i can now claim the victory over the fear and say well done to myself.

When I arrived at the departure lounge Cafe,one of the other participants, Jo (there were 4 of us) asked me where i had come from i was so scared that i couldnt remember where i lived!!!

One of the big probs for me is the feeling of being shut of being trapped,i am very claustraphobic and over the years i have built up the fear and to be honest have built it out of all proportion, the other fear is how does the plane stay up, surely its going to fall out of the sky!!!I learnt that no question is daft!!I learnt that that planes do not fall they descend...i now know that there is suction at the top and a pillow underneath.

I have strategies in place for my flight, i have learnt to PING my fears away......

Keith and his wife are 2 of the most motivating,encouraging, compassioante and caring peops i have ever met.Obviously dedicated to helping people.

At the end of the course i hop skipped and danced down the middle of the plane with Keith.....i feel sooooo liberated.I am not saying i will never have a wobble, but if i do i know how to deal with it.also all the worries about strange noises, turbulance,take off etc have been addressed with facts.I am armed with knowledge now not out of controll feelings.

Thank you

I urge anyone who has not been on the course to go,its definatley worth it..... i would have paid double to be given back a piece of my life.

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Comment by Ana F M hall on August 22, 2010 at 9:12pm
Hi Jo, Just type in fear of flying into the facebook search bit...and it should come up....
I feel so liberated.How are you feeling?Please keep posting on your countdown to thursday xx
Comment by Joanne Short on August 22, 2010 at 8:48pm
Hi Ana

It was really good to meet you, Diane and Chrissie yesterday, you were a complete star getting on the plane. I am about to put my thoughts about yesterday on here. It was a truly fabulous day x Ps I can't find the face book page for flying without fear you mentioned ?? Jo x


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