I haven't been on this website for a while as I was busy dealing with my new baby but it's time now to deal with my old fear...
I was wondering what the best way to help is. I read enough to know that planes are safe but still keep thinking that something bad can happen to me while I am flying. I had hypnotherapy that didn't help at all. I am considering counselling? Have anybody tried? Capitan Keith, what is the best way to help somebody like me who is aware of the technical side of flying but still has a problem somewhere in the head...

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Comment by Francis Patrick Edwards on January 29, 2011 at 6:36pm

Hello Karolina,

Like you, I haven't visited the site for a while and just logged in today after too many months away - mainly because I wasn't flying anywhere in the interim. Judging by your comments, I would suggest that you check out the information and products on this site and many other web sites about fear and "panic attacks". There are many self-help books available in bookstores too.


My own experience, when approaching the day of a flight, is to become quite anxious as I imagine myself having the panic attack. This, effectively becomes a self fulfilling prophecy and by the time I arrive at the airport for check-in I'm usually in a bit of a state. But I've always gone through with the flight and apart from a few experiences with very minor turbulence, everything worked out fine. The thing I have found is that anxiety about flying and concerns about panic attacks bring on a "fear-of-the-fear". I have read and re-read a variety of material I gathered on the subject and find it very helpful. A couple of points might be helpful to you: (a) panic attacks are uncomfortable and sometimes very uncomfortable; (b) they are not physiologically dangerous and the body has a marvellous way of dealing with them. Despite the "uncomfortable feelings" you will not go mad and you will not die; (c) with an understanding of the physiology and psychology of the panic process and a good dollop of persistence and trust, panic attacks can be eliminated completely; (d) flying is the safest way to travel. Obviously, where a person has a medical condition, it is important to check with the doctor and get the necessary advice etc. Hope this is of some help. Best wishes in your future travels. Frank Edwards.

Comment by Karolina on January 18, 2011 at 8:17pm

Hello Capitan Keith,

I was considering going for your course and I've been to Alton few times but after a total failure with hypnotherapy last year I was so disappointed, I kind of gave up and thought that probably there is no hope for me.

I have your DVD and Book and read a lot about the technical side of flying so I know it is safe but it's just the fear somewhere in my head  that something might happen. Few nights ago I woke up and imagine sitting on a plane and I had a bad panic attack-It's not good as I am not even flaying anywhere in the next 3 months! Do you think your course might help somebody like me?

Comment by Captain Keith on January 18, 2011 at 9:50am

Hi Karolina


You're less than 7 miles from where we run the courses  so I think that might be a good first step.


01420 588 628




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