I'm 17 years old and had my first ever flight on the 8th february. It was an 11 and a half hour flight to San Francisco for a school trip. As soon as I got on the coach to the airport I cried for the first 30minutes of the 2hour drive. I calmed down when at the airport and during check in. Going through security I began to tense up and when we got to Duty free everyone got split up. There was 47 of us, 5 of them teachers. I was with five of my friends. We began to walk to our gate in Heathrow's Terminal 3, two of my friends went ahead, three of them stayed with me. When walking to the gate, I looked out the window and noticed a LOT of planes taxi'ing and loading up and began to have a panic attack so I sat on the floor and cried for 20 minutes with other passengers walking by staring at me. The rest of our school began to come through which is when I needed to hand my boarding pass to woman at the gate door, this is when panic really began. When going through the connecting tunnel from the terminal to the plane I couldn't breathe and couldn't find my teachers, there were people from my school but most were younger than me and didn't know what to do. I got to the door of the plane and dropped to the floor, hyperventilating and having the worst panic attack of my life when two of my teachers appeared with stewardesses. One stewardess in particular was very helpful and walked me around the tunnel until I was fit to board, I was then walked to my seat by her, still, with all the passengers looking at me. I was seated right at the back of the plane on an isle seat but next to someone I didn't know, so they switched people around for me to be next to my teacher. Someone then came to me and told me they arranged for me to meet the pilot. Me and two of my teachers went up through first class to the cockpit where I was introduced to Yvonne, who reassured me about the flight for a while. I was escorted back to my seat when the seatbelt sign came on. Another panic attack started and as the plane began to taxi nearly broke my teachers hand in fear. After the plane had taken off I began to calm down and was fine for the majority of the flight, until it came to Landing. The announcement came for the decent to begin and the seatbelt sign lit up again, triggering another panic attack. After around half an hour we were on the ground and I had the best week of my life in San Francisco and LA. (return flight in next post)

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