Flying to South America this Friday

Captain Keith:

I have flown many times over the past couple years, and while always a bit nervous of turbulence, I normally did fine. In two days I need to fly to Chile for a meeting.  I am so nervous I am sick at my stomach.  But, I think I know why; I can't stop thinking of that Air France flight that went down in thunderstorms a couple years ago after leaving Brazil.  

The past few days I have been glued to weather radar in the equatorial regions. I am flying from LA and my only solace seems to be that there appears to be less storm activity on the West side of So America than on the East.  Is that true?  

How can I stop thinking of that Air France flight?  Is it true that it is very turbulent when flying over the equator no matter where you cross it?  Any advice would be appreciated.  

BTW, I do have a copy of your Flying Without Fear book and it will be on my iPad!


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Comment by Captain Keith on October 1, 2012 at 8:12am

Well done Steve!

Just keep doing the things that work for you.


Comment by Steve on October 1, 2012 at 4:16am

Hello Captain Keith:  Yes, I arrived in Santiago safe and sound and back home again 6 days later. Last week I fly to Chicago and did fine.  But on the way back to LAX we hit some rough patches and I felt that familiar knot in my stomach.  I did fine.  On October 9 I leave for London, Barcelona, and Paris.  As long as I have my iPad and the Fear of Flying book ready, I tend to do just fine.  Thanks for running this website.  I'm sure it has helped thousands of people just like it has helped me.

Best regards!


Comment by Captain Keith on September 8, 2012 at 8:54am

Hi Steve

Sorry I didn't spot your post before you left. I'm sure that you have arrived safely!

It's not helpful to check weather charts for lots of reasons. Here are 3.

  1. Do you know what you're looking for?
  2. Do you know the route that you'll be taking
  3. Do you know the cruising altitude?

When I had a detached retina a few years ago the doctor said... Do NOT  look this up on the internet. I ignored his advice and found out the most ghastly outcomes possible. When I asked him about these things he refused to answer saying that he was the expert and I had to trust him because he was too busy helping people to keep their sight than run a website.

My eyesight has been perfect since not a hint of the trouble I'd discovered on the net.

After my two cataract operations my surgeon...different chap...invited me to go and look at the scaremongering on the website and compare it with what he had done and how my vision had improved.

He rattled off five operations that morning...what was I going to learn from the internet by comparison with an expert.

I wonder how much thinking about people who have died during operations would have helped me?



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