Ok, so I'm new, new here that is, definitely not new to being afraid of flying. In fact the last time I did fly was 19 years ago, I've been reading through some of the blogs here and while I'm impressed by the sheer bravery of you who do it even though finding it difficult/stressful etc I'm also wondering if it's only me who is such a wuss and just DOESN'T fly...?!

I haven't always feared flying, as a youngster I flew loads, had great family holidays as far as China and Africa, stupidly it was on a short flight to Portugal that I had my first panic attack and although I made it there and back in one piece I swore I wouldn't fly again and I haven't! I did used to like flying and even now my worry isn't about crashing etc I just cannot bear being closed in and not being in control or being able to get off.

I now have a husband who desperately wants a holiday not on the English riviera and a baby girl who I desperately
want to show the world, but the thought of even booking a flight makes me feel physically sick, I'm also now
anxious about being far away from home, probably because
I know it's a plane journey to get me home.

We are booking a holiday in September (it's either that or divorce!) and I'm planning a one to one with captain Keith, but having done the virgin course last year and not being able to do the flight at the end, I'm feeling even worse about it all than I did before.

Thanks for reading and well done to you all for being so inspirational!


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Comment by Anna Lumley-Noble on September 6, 2012 at 11:19pm

Thanks Jo, glad I'm not alone with this, we are going away on the 18th Sept, only to Nice, I feel sick with fear so haven't booked it yet, I think my husband really won't be impressed if I can't get on the plane...  Seeing Captain Keith next week so hoping to get better prepared! x 

Comment by JO TAYLOR on August 24, 2012 at 8:50am



First of all DO NOT beat yourself up about not wanting to do/or thinking you can't do it. I'm pretty sure every single person on here if given the option at one point or another has thought 'right that's it I'm just not going to fly again'.


I was exactly the same as you - I flew everywhere and was fine until I flew with a work colleague who didn't like it and she cried for the whole flight. It just rubbed off on me and I was terrified from that point forward. I'll admit I will never ever enjoy flying the way some people do but over time its gotten much easier. 


The best thing I can say is use the site as much as possible - it really does rub off on you the positive vibes and you'll make friends with people which helps. I made friends with a fabulous girl called Helen and I can honestly say that she has been an absolute rock for me. We've sent each other little gifts before flights - goodie bags with aromatherapy oils and good luck cards which help no end. You know that someone down on the ground is rooting for you and willing you through every mile you fly. We always exchange texts when one of us lands and I am always so so proud of her when she's completed another one.


Another thing that Keith once siad and its so true is that flying for us just isn't normal - we don't do it enough for it to be part of our day. My friend is a stewardess and I always think 'pah this is just another day at work for Nic - she probably can't even remember where she's flying to - why am I panicking?'. 


You are going to be fine I promise!!!


Keep in touch,


Jo x


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