Back from Rome - and another four flights.

Glad I did not have my experience flying from Belfast to Leeds Bradford with Flybe  some time back or  I have no doubt it would have set me back in my efforts to overcome my fear of flying. Unruly raucous loud mouthed passengers two of whom were seated behind me.  I had literally to tell them to shut up during the safety demonstration - which I think the crew should have done. Loud laughter bellowing in my ear and knees pushing into my back, comments about the various noises as the plane was preparing for and taking off as though the plane was going to crash.  I was moved to another seat at the front of the plane right beside the toilet.  These unruly passengers could still be heard and spent the entire flight up and down the aisle to the toilet. Whilst one was waiting outside the toilet another shouted from the back that he was at the wrong door telling him to turn left and try the door of the cockpit.  The female crew member who asked me would I like to move (I had prepaid for my window seat) excused their behaviour by saying "I think they have been on a stag night!). 

What a contrast to the flight from Leeds Bradford to Rome two days later with Jet 2.  The crew member asked passengers to quieten down in order that the safety demonstration could be heard.  The night before my return flight there was a bad thunder and lightning storm in Rome - that certainly would have scare me some time back.  We were on hour on the plane before take off due to  bad weather at the west end of the airport.  The captain kept us informed and even during the flight there was turbulence and passengers were requested to return to their seats.  These are all indications of how far I have come in my fear of flying as prior to finding this site and the resources I would have been terrified.  Having things explained most definitely contributes to removing the fear. 

There was one or two strange moments as we were coming into land however!  It was quite misty and shortly before landing the engines revved like someone putting their foot on the accelerator and the plane jolted forward then slowed again and then shortly afterward the same thing happened which was a bit unusual.  We landed safely!

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Comment by Lena McCann on September 29, 2014 at 8:13pm

Thank you Keith - I have already written a letter of complaint to Flybe Exeter and take on board your advice re CAA

Comment by Lena McCann on September 29, 2014 at 8:13pm

Comment by Captain Keith on September 29, 2014 at 5:37pm

Well done... you're fast becoming the star of this community!!


ps Write to the airline and tell them that you intend to write to the CAA about the crew not silencing the passengers during the safety briefing. It is illegal for an airline to carry passengers who are /drunk/ unable to behave. Then write to the CAA at Gatwick airport.



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