Las Vegas 11 hour flight!have I gone mad 2 months to go

The last flight I took was less than 2 hours long and was my honeymoon 3 years ago! the location was Palma and we then got on a cruise.. I have managed to 'get away with it for 3 years but again feel resentfull of my terrible fear of flying. As I am 50 this year my husband as managed to encourage me into agreeing to a flight to Vegas... ironically not a location I would have chosen as no beech to lay on but Iv agreed.


I realise that 50 is a markable age and I just dont want to get to another 20 years and realise I havent travelled due to fear. My biggest problem is claustraphobia and fear of some sort of loss of control.. I have to admit turbulance freaks me out a lot too and worrying if I am going to be sick or not make it to a loo. I have tried to upgrade to a bit of extra seat room but just cant afford it, I have managed to get a bulk head request in with Virgin via the travel agent Flight Centre. ( wish we had booked direct with Virgin would have been so much easier) I am having NLP and hypnosis and visiting Dr for a small anxiety calming prescription. I dont drink and wouldnt consider getting drunk, due to the effects.


So my journey has begun.


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Comment by Lesa Skeggs on September 26, 2011 at 9:46pm
OMG ONLY 5 WEEKS TO GO... IRONICALLY an existing back problem has flared up and I really do want to go as got myself ready to do this trip... had epidural couple years ago for back but to sit on a plane for 11 hours I dont think can manage it right this minute. Iv hd MRI scan today and seeing consultant tomorrow so all not lost, he knows my flying date and if he offers another epidural or some other pain relief injection I will take it. Really will feel rubbish if I dont go after all this and will think its my sub conscious making me ill on purpose.
Comment by Lesa Skeggs on September 16, 2011 at 5:35pm
Thank you.
Comment by Captain Keith on September 16, 2011 at 8:28am

yes most airlines have a service where there's a radio connection to a medical centre where the diagnosis can be made.

A doctor isn't routinely carried for that purpose. A plane could be on the ground within 15 minutes if necessary.

Stop worrying about things like can't predict an illness on a plane anymore than you can when on the number 19 bus from Battersea....sounds cruel and heartless but the fact is your worries aren't actually helping you. What's so special about being on a plane that all these thoughts come to mind?

All the years I flew it never occcurred to me that anything like this would really happen ...and it didn't ...but I always had a plan in case it did.

Just because you can think of a problem doesn't mean it's likely to happen. We cover all of this stuff on our course.



Comment by Lesa Skeggs on September 15, 2011 at 10:33pm
Does anyone know the answer to the question 'what really happens if your seriously ill on a plane a long haul flight... lets say 11 hours for arguments sake.. you know, appendisitus or something as equally as serious? do they call for a Dr on board? is there always a Dr on board? or do they land at the next convenient place? would really like a answer on this one
Comment by Lesa Skeggs on September 13, 2011 at 11:39pm
Diazepam prescription in bag for 2mg really low dose and going to try half of this to see what effect it has.. I do worry about being ill on a plane expecially 11 hour flight... still cant believe iv said yes, I would never go anywhere that was more than 2 hours away, so instead of going to places I would like to, ended up in Spain or Portugal all the time...
Comment by Lesa Skeggs on September 12, 2011 at 9:31pm

Vegas constantly on my mind most of all the plane flight.. started to listen to the without fear app today by Virgin (didnt have time to do a flight as its ironically the same day as we fly)if I can rationilise turbulence and clunks and thuds and believe flying is safe maybe my mind can conquer this irrational fear

Off to Dr in morning for back up plan b   a small amount of diazepan incase cant cope with my anxiety


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