Well my Dad emigrated July last year to Thailand.  Both my siblings have been out there and I am the only one who hasn't.  I kept putting it off as I was petrified of flying.  But after a while I began to think, I want to see my Dad, so I got brave and booked the flight to Thailand - solo! Since I booked the flight I have been having nightmares, night terrors, anxiety attacks etc etc....I even thought about cancelling the whole holiday several times.  I was browsing on the net and came across Captain Keith's site.  After reading through everything I thought, yep i'm gonna give some of this stuff that he is promoting a go.  I was unable to attend the course on the 31st which i was disappointed about due to work comittments, so I brought the e-book and audio course (thank you Keith).  I read the e-book and could not put it down, just reading everything actually made me less anxious, and more confident about flying, it is an excellent really informative book.  I have printed the book out and intend to take it on the flight with me so that I am able to refer to it, in flight if I become anxious about anything at all.  I have also just started the audio course, so I aim to have completed that before I jet off on Thurs.  I am still quite nervous as I have never travelled this far alone before, also I hope that some people will talk to me as a 10hr flight there and 12 on the way back is a long time for me to be quiet and not sure if I will be able to lol.  But as Captain Keith said at the beginning of the audio course "to hand my fear over to him to take care of"  I am actually planning on not having it returned to me, so I am being positive that  all of these tools I am using will go a long way to helping me overcome my fear, and enabling me to get on that place with a lot less anxiety than I have had before to go to see my Dad.  And then once I am over there, to be able to relax and enjoy the holiday rather than worrying (which I always do) about my flight home.  I will try to blog again before I go and closer to the date, to see how I am feeling.

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Comment by Captain Keith on March 30, 2012 at 9:14pm

Great stuff Christina



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