Well i fley out to Ibiza on June 25th and sitting on the plane before take off was a nightmare, i began to cry. The take off was the worst but as i opened my eyes we were in the air and i began to feel a little less nervous. I would say that the flight was still terrifying for me, however i managed to smile and kept telling myself "uncomfortable, not dangerous". The way back was nice and smooth which made me feel at ease. I just worry how i would feel if there was turbulence?


I have discovered that my fears are more with the take off and landing of the plane. I also felt at ease seeing land during the whole flight as i remembered that Keith said if there is a problem, they can glide to the nearest aiport. I was still incredibly nervous and couldnt wait to get off the plane but i was slightly more comfortable after attending the course. Im sure practice will make perfect.

I took some amazing pictures out of the window and found myself fascinated with the view, i had to keep looking out of the window

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Comment by Yvette Lynch on July 18, 2012 at 12:46pm

Both of you will be fine. I hadnt taken a flight for 5 years prior to this and my fear just grew but by facing my fear i feel a lot better. I didnt really do anything during the flight, i had a drink and played a game on my phone but just kept finding the scenery fascinating and felt at ease knowing what Keith said about the plane being able to land at any airport if there was a problem. Before the holiday i read the books telling me all about the safety procedures and listened to the CD's. While doing this i thought "how could this help me" but it must have as i have done it! I wouldnt say i was fearless because believe me i wasn't and was on edge the whole flight but felt more comfortable once we were cruising. The flight didnt feel as long as i had anticipated either.

Comment by jacqui stachan on July 16, 2012 at 10:01pm

Well done! Sounds like you coped really well. Take off is the worst for me, though I don't enjoy any of it, at all. I hope to fly in August but I'm scared I'll have a panic attack. I don't like sitting 30,000 feet in the sky even although I understand how safe it is. I can't help thinking that by not facing my fear I'm allowing it to grow.

Comment by Lorna on July 16, 2012 at 4:16pm

I feel exaclty the same hate the take off don't mind landing - what did you do during the flight that made you feel more at ease ? I came back from Spain a few weeks ago and was on edgy for the whole flight.

Comment by Captain Keith on July 14, 2012 at 5:38pm

Hi Yvette

This sounds great....don't set your ambitions too high...take this step by step...slightly more comfortable will become more comfortable will become much more comfortable and so on.

Be pleased with what you have achieved!!!

Perhaps you should direct your thoughts to finding out more about taking off and landing? Have you posted any of you pictures?

Well done...give yourself a very big pat on the back.



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