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I'm new to this site. I've just booked my next business trip. This will be my first trip since the end of last January. I've known about this meeting for a few months and have had passing thoughts here and there about it. I've tried to not think about it and all the recent crashes/incidents in the las few weeks, but it all got very real today when I received my confirmation. I've put off booking it for months (as I normally do) to avoid the "inevitable unpleasantness" that I go through trying to pick the flights that "won't crash" or have "problems." I jump from airline to airline, debating big aircraft vs small ones, direct flights vs connecting ones (extra landings and take offs), selecting seats close to the exit, and so on. I try to control the things I can, but today I couldn't get a direct flight on the aircraft that I "like" at the time I need to be at my destination, and couldn't get the seats I really wanted (probably because I waited too long). This morning, I plugged my nose and booked what looked to be the least "offensive." So far today, I've bee through every emotion from anger to sadness and different levels of panic. I've also had the feeling of not giving a crap what happens, and wishing it was today just to get it over with. I've tried to not let it ruin my summer but, if I'm honest, it has affected my decisions to do or not do something, "just in case the worst happens." I've been checking FOF forums from time to time, especially after each new/recent aviation mishap for advice. I have to be honest that for someone with a FOF, these recent incidents aren't very encouraging and in a way, "confirmed" my irrational fears. I realize the Malaysian incidents were two different things, but c'mon, what are the chances for it to be the same airline!? I'm sure there was someone like me onboard and told him/her that "flying is safe." This is exactly my problem, the chances/odds are soooooooo small, but not impossible, so I think, why not me... I keep looking and wishing something will come up so I can get out of this trip. Any advice or encouragement would be greatly appreciated.


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