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Hi Everyone

As you'd expect I look around other fear of flying sites to see what's going on. Quite often chunks of my website or book contents appear on other sites so I have to keep an eye on copyright issues.

One person I contested said that he thought I was arrogant and unfriendly because I asked him to remove an entire page of my book from his site. After all he said "I was only trying to help people, what's so wrong in that?" The only helping that was going on was his helping himself to my work.

This is a site that 'highly recommends' a particular course because...I'll leave you to work out why it's recommended.

Phrases like 'turbulence is uncomfortable but that's not the same as dangerous', 'not even a madman could open a door in flight' have all been copied from my original content. There is no infringement of copyright but...

I've learnt to live with flattery.

Well today I saw the comment 'When pilots are sure that all is well for take-off,' Although this is a normal conversational comment it totally misrepresents the safety and operational culture in aviation.

Sureness of wellness is a take off procedure unknown to me in all my years of flying and training.

The satement reinforces the notion that many fearful flyers have, that flying is all a bit, maybe, maybe not, perhaps we can, perhaps we can't. It doesn't represent the reality of flying. It is vital to use words to good effect and use them accurately so that they develop confidence, not doubt.

I may seem like a grumpy old man chasing after a dream and getting irritated when I'm at odds with the world, maybe, maybe not, it doesn't matter. What does matter is helping people to overcome their fear of flying. And a site that peddles inaccuracy in descriptions does not help anyone, especially peope who are sensitive about the subject.

However the site I refer to is another that is a 'shop' selling other peoples' cures via google.

"When all pre take off checks have been completed" is the only way that the particular event could have been described. That statement is accurate, beyond dispute, and unambiguous. Anything else is emotive and misleading.

'A ship will sink with a little leak as well as a big one.'

Best wishes and if you want to call me I'm on 01420 588 628.

Captain Keith

The brand you can trust

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Comment by Captain Keith on January 29, 2011 at 7:59pm

That's very nice of you to say those things...and encouraging too. In a world of quick fixes, fast food and dumbing down it's hard to maintain standards and not look pompous and arrogant.
I liken things to divorced parenting, one gives sweets and the other insists on using toothpaste...we know which is more popoular and which more beneficial...and the choice of favoured parent is left to those with least foresight.

I suppose the difference in the websites I've spoken of is the starting point. Giving help or making money.

My best wishes to you

Comment by Francis Patrick Edwards on January 29, 2011 at 7:09pm

Hi Captain Keith,

Its been a while since I dropped in to the site. I just read your comments about the stuff being copied from your site - its a shame but it seems to be the way of the world now on the internet - unfortunately! I was also intrigued by youyr comments on the negative way of describing, on another site, about pre-flight checks. Those comments are very helpful because they highlight the way in which I could, unknowingly, pick up on the negativity aspect and unconsciously create the sense of flying being a bit like the toss of a coin. Its good to be aware of that point.


Like other contributors, I want to convey my thanks for all you do on the site and all of your work in helping fearful flyers. I've learned a huge amount from the site and wil always regard it and your work as the definitive version of things regarding "fear of flying". I'm not planning any flights soon but will drop in more often just to keep myself up to speed with things. I do hope to visit my family in NZ again but it will probably be towards the end of the year. Keep up the good work and thanks again for all your work. - Frank Edwards.


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