It has been 2 months now since my flight to Barbados and although the flight was delayed for 5 hours I wasnt too this point. However I was then sat on the plane for another hour waiting for the captain to get his flight route (volcanic ash) and thats when the panic set in. I started to cry and felt sick. As it taxied down the runway I could see my daughter and grandaughter waving and this made me feel even worse. The plane left the ground and I could only think 'well if anything goes wrong now Ive no chance'. Once the plane leveled out I started to calm down a little and after a couple of drinks I felt a little better . I can honestly say the flight was quite smooth and it was a good landing. I managed to forget about things for the time I was in Barbados but again when it came time to board the plane back the nerves kicked in again. I was amazed however to find that I did not cry this time! The flight was a bit bumpy in parts but it cant have been that bad because the seat belt sign did not go on. Again the landing at Manchester was fine - I had been dreading it because the last time I landed at Manchester it had been horrendous!
I feel I handled this flight better than all the others I have been on but I did say 'never again' when I
got home. I dont know if that will be the case -only time will tell -but I do know that I willl never be able to say that I enjoy flying!!

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Comment by Captain Keith on July 22, 2010 at 7:53am
Hey What about a great big WELL DONE to yourself before anything else? YOU DID IT you may not have felt like I do when I fly, but that's not the plan.

To say that you enjoy flying is not the aim. The plan is to manage your flights and that's what you've achieved.

"I feel I handled this flight better than all the others I have been on..."

WELL DONE is what I say. Think about another flight only when you accept that you achieved something on these two. OK? That's an order from the Captain! WELL DONE

Captain Keith


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