Are you thinking of signing up for a fear of flying course? If you are then read on.

Overcoming the fear of flying is not about getting on a flight and proving that 'you can do it'. Many people succeed on a 'graduation flight' but are unable to deal with their fear in different circumstances.

Airline courses vary . Some are programs that run over several week ends, more typically others run for a day with lectures in the morning and a graduation flight later in the day. For some people just getting on that flight is their aim, and if that cures their fear of flying ...great.
But what about people whose fear can not be dealt with so easily what is there for them? Well it's not necessarily an expensive series of tripsto a psychiatrist, psychologist or life coach.
If though you feel that your fear of flying needs medical treatment see a doctor, physician or qualified medical psychologist.

What about life coaches, people who claim to cure anything from addiction to zoonosis and make you rich and famous at the same time?

More to come soon..........meanwhile visit this link

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