Hi there! Just got back from Lanzarote and had 2 great flights: on the way out we were sat at the front of economy next to the exit door and had a stewardess sitting directly opposite us on take-off and landing. Was reassuring to see the stewardess looking completely relaxed. I knew I was overcoming my fear when the boy behind me said that the wings looked like they were going to drop off (was just windy on landing), and my reaction was to smile - they CAN'T fall off!! On the way back we were 2 rows from the back of the plane which I felt a bit uncomfortable with at first, am used to sitting near the front and felt less in control. However, on the 4 hour flight back I read 152 pages of my book, a huge improvement!! Normally I'd be lucky to read one page, I used to find it very hard to focus on anything other than worrying.

This improvement I think has come about through understanding what sights and sounds to expect, the changes in the shape of the wings (am now fascinated by the wing!) and treating it as a normal activity, just like taking the train or bus. So thank you Captain Keith!

Just have 2 questions from the return flight that would be really helpful if you could answer:

1) On take-off on the return flight when I was sat at the back, it felt like the engine went from being incredibly loud for the first minute or two, to very quiet as we were still ascending. What sounds can you expect to hear from the engine on take-off and descent, when you're sitting at the back of the plane? 

2) On the descent we banked 3 times in short succession, i.e we turned, then levelled before turning again. This is probably a daft question, but why didn't we do one continuous turn, why 3 separate turns?



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Comment by jacqui stachan on August 27, 2012 at 10:53pm
Thanks for support. I like ' living in the moment,' psychologist taught ne this, checkin feelins one step at a time not lookin at the whole picture.. I WILL BE OK!!! I will look for support in.crew & pilots (if I get near them.) You have done so well, Ibadmire you, I hope to post success soon. Thanks.
Comment by Anna Hollingworth on August 27, 2012 at 9:40pm

Thanks everyone.

Jacqui - well done on booking your flight. I can only go on my experience - something that helped me was to look at our plane from the airport lounge and watch the pilots prepping in the cockpit  (think I've posted a pic of this in the East America album). This helped me get used to the plane that we'd be on and reinforced everything Captain Keith says in his book about all the rigorous checks that take place before every flight. The fact that they do this day in day out for a living also helped to reassure me. Something else that helped me was to 'live in the moment' so rather than thinking 'am not looking forward to..', I thought to myself what's happening now, is everything ok, right then, am not going to worry about it! Easier said than done I know, and am still working on it, but I have found am getting more relaxed and my excitement that I used to have of flying is coming back. Hope this helps. Anna P.S Majorca is fab, my favourite place is Deia :) 

Comment by Captain Keith on August 27, 2012 at 8:30am

The noise considerations are not very relevant nowadays...the power reduction is because the plane is levelling off at its 'stop' height for Air Traffic Control reasons. In the UK  we level off at 6000' before continuing the climb...not always but often.


Comment by jacqui stachan on August 26, 2012 at 10:16pm

Hi Anna - thanks for posting this. I visited Lanzarote 4 years ago which was great. The outward flight was fine however on return I experienced 2 go arounds at Edinburgh airport before landing in Glasgow. This pushed my fear way up again however with the help of Keith's book, this forum and psychology sessions I have now plucked up courage & booked a holiday to Majorca leaving this Tuesday.. to say 'I'm absolutely petrified,' would be an understatement.

I'm worried about take off, cruising, turbulence, banking, panicking, everything!! Oh, & scared I'll not see my children again as I'll be too scared to board a return flght! Totally irrational thoughts I know... If I manage to stay calm & put my learning into practice I'll be fine (I will!) but I'm scared I lose control...!

I am so pleased for you & the fact you seemed to relax so well. I will try to get a seat beside the stewards too sounds like a plan which may reassure me.  I'd also feel reassured if I could meet the pilots on boarding.

Comment by Sarah on August 26, 2012 at 8:59pm

... or it levelled off a bit and wasn't ascending so steeply so didn't need as much throttle. Something like that?

Comment by Kate N Evans on August 26, 2012 at 7:41pm

Hey, I just noticed you'd left a comment in the chat about it going quiet after takeoff.   From what I've heard, and I'm sure the Captain can correct me on this one, is that if a plane has to take off over a populated area like a city, it reduces the throttle as it goes overhead to reduce noise pollution.


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