Hi everyone! I'm Lyn and I live in Asia. It's challenging living in Asia and being a nervous flier, options like ground courses are not available to me. While I've always been a slightly nervous flier, but I've managed to travel to wonderful places like across Asia, Australia and the US. 

However, after having a panic attack on my last flight, I haven't set foot on a plane for 6 years. I tell myself that it's alright and my life is fulfilling enough, despite not being able to travel. Though I realise that these are excuses that I give myself, for not facing up to my fears. 

Next April, I'll be moving from Asia to the UK for 3 years. My husband's been given a wonderful opportunity and I look forward to travelling extensively and making up for lost time. But now as the day draws nearer and I still haven't made concrete steps towards overcoming my fears, my anxieties are sky-high (excuse the pun). 

As of now, I've tried hypnotherapy twice and been in psycho-therapy for 2 years. I've ordered Captain Keith's book, Fly Without Fear, the audio course and the ground course workbook and audio CD. I've reviewed the materials and am trying to formulate some form of strategy to get me to take the next step and just do it. Because I've tried so many different things, I'm at a lost at what I should do next. Should I just book an air ticket and just fly, or wait till I'm ready? Because I've been waiting for 6 years and am still not ready. I've also booked flights before and cancelled them last minute. Does anyone have any advice for me? 

Thank you for reading my post and I wish you all the best to anyone who might be facing similar challenges :)

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Comment by Yilyn Lim on October 16, 2012 at 5:14pm

Thank you so much Captain Keith for your kind and encouraging words. It means a lot to me. It's difficult to explain to other people my anxieties and fears. 

Comment by Captain Keith on October 15, 2012 at 8:39pm

Think about booking the ticket in the middle of next month, that will give you a month to get used to pressing the 'BOOK NOW'  button and then a few months to work on some strategies.

You'll never feel completely ready...so don't expect to suddenly feel full of confidence. Learn your strategies build your knowledge and confidence and then just do it.

We'll be here supporting you and then when you're here you can come on the course. So you've only the journey here to concern yourself with at the moment.



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