Hi to everyone and thank you for exiting cause your help its important to me.

I am 27, i leave in Thessaloniki, Greece. I have traveled a lot in my life. (Europe, Dubai, Morocco, New York, Miami). I wasn't fear or i have to say that i was very comfortable in a plane. It all started when the flight 522 of Helios airlines have crashed here in Greece. In that flight were a couple that my father knew.  They left 2 kids behind them. After that i start thinking that maybe its not all that safe.

After my 2 trips in America, flight 447 of Air France crashed. Then my fear started to growing. I was for 6 month in Brussels. During my stay there, i was traveling a lot alone. It wasn't easy. I was lucky cause there were no turbulence at all. But i couldn't read or listen music. Just watching my watch and countdown. I was very nervous.

Last year i went to London. On the way back there was turbulence (it was not a big deal but to me that moment was a nightmare) i wanted to start crying. My Friend felt asleep. I was so happy when we landed. (that's why i love landings) that i said to myself " next flight only with anesthesia". Since then i flew 2 times, One to Germany with my boyfriend last november. It was a good flight but i was holding his hand tight all the way. The second time was to Athens. I had already read the book "fear of flying". I was looking forward to test myself. I was alone and there was some turbulence on the way back. I felt horrible and It was only a 40 min flight....Its such a same. 

The thing is.... I love traveling. I love airports, i love planes. My work is really close to the airport and i watch everyday planes taking off. I love watching them. I admire the all manufacture. I just can't stand them anymore. I don't trust them and i believe in people mistakes. I am a "what if`" person. I search on the web about previous planes that  have crashed, about bad turbulence or bird strikes (big mistake but its all in front of me). I don't fear of heights and i am not a claustrophobic. Just planes... 

Next week i am going alone to Amsterdam via Rome. I regretted to make that trip the moment i have booked the tickets.i think about it all day. I am scared. I am searching to go by train. It takes 2 days. My boyfriend says no. I want badly to go by train. At least from Rome to Amsterdam. He is the only one that knows about this fear. Not even my mother.I feel stupid and embarrassed. I don't know what to do. I am going to read the book again. At least the first part. I am soooo stupid ...every time is worse than the previous one. I want to be one of those who sleeps, reads, work on a plane and they are very cool.... i think i never be one of them.... :(

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Comment by Captain Keith on May 24, 2013 at 12:42pm

I can understand that the Heathrow incident has unnerved you but you must put that to one side and concentrate on the things that are relevant.


Comment by Tsakiridou efi on May 24, 2013 at 12:03pm

Firstly thank you for your comment!

Ok i've stopped calling myself stupid. I am still embarrassed thought...

I have 4 days to prepare myself for the trip on Tuesday. I don't want to fly... but i want soooo bad to go to Netherlands. Yesterday i told myself " you can do it"... today BA perform an emergency landing and this does not help me at all. Actually it make all this worse...  

Comment by Captain Keith on May 23, 2013 at 6:15pm


I'm sure that everyone here understands what you are saying. overcoming your fear of flying is not easy but it can be done.  

Don't try to be someone who sleeps reads of works on a plane ... that's not who you are.

Another person you are not is a stupid person. You are a human being with fears and worries and hopes like anyone else. The difference is that your fear affects you because of the things you need to do or want to do.

So this is the first step in overcoming your fear. Don't call yourself stupid ... that doesn't help your self esteem.

Don't aim for things you can't achieve ... plan to go flying and  feel uncomfortable but able to decide that you will take another flight one day. If you were to do that it would be progress wouldn't it?

You are making connections with two  accidents but not with the other 5 million flights that were perfectly safe. You're certain to be worried if you do that. so stop doing it. Worrying hasn't done anything to help so far so strop doing it. Take each flight as it comes and aim to have conquered your fear in 2 years not on the next flight.  

When someone wins an event at the Olympics it's not that race that makes them a champion ... it's all the preparation in the years before. You must get a plan here's a link to a strategy on the main site.




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