Hello my friends,

Just wanted to share with you my last experience from flights CPH->RIX and after 3 days RIX->CPH. Well what can I say... I feel that I'm getting better and better. No more worries week before flight, even no worries day before, I could even sleep before flight without any problem. Then small anxiety arrive to me when I was driving to airport, waiting for flight and take-off/climbing. After that everything was gone. I've felt super confident, no worries. I was reading journals, having glass of beer and enjoyed the flight. I was amazed by myself actually. Flight back was little bit worse, because it was night time and just day before there was crash of B737 in Russia. So small worries, but not that much.

Now I'd like to share thing that is helping me:

1. Keith's help by books, audio CDs and this site. For me it's very important to know all nature of flight, all sounds and possible feeling. If I have explanation in my mind for every "unusual" thing during flight - then it's ok for me

2. Always tighten seatbelt as Keith recommends - it really helps to move together with the plane and so feel less bad feeling

3. I'm also afraid of heights so I always close my eyes during take off and climbing until we're high enough so my brain doesn't feel the height anymore

4. Each and every "what if" thought is now under control in very easy way. I just told to myself "do you really want to bother yourself all flight or you just want to enjoy the flight ?". I mean why to think "what if" thoughts ? Lots of times in my life I was passing by with my car near car crash site and saw dead people. So what ? That doesn't scared me driving car. I just continued. So why do I need to think about how plane flies, about statistics and all things ? Why just don't enjoy flight itself ? It's super nice... just to fly. Somehow I've managed to convince myself to stop thinking "what if" thoughts. I've realized that I can't change anything and that plane is as common transport as car. So I stopped with "what if" thoughts.

5. Regular flights. If you fly 2 times per year then I don't know how to deal with fears. If you fly regularly as I do myself now you just realize that plane is as common as car. You have more chances to practice, more chance to deal with your fears and realize the truth. So fly as much as you can

I'm still not completely successful flyer, but I feel that in year or so I will overcome this. THANKS CAPTAIN KEITH !!!

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