Ok, my first transatlantic flight was deferred, so now I have 100% news that this Sunday is the day I will start my first transatlantic journey. Today I've started to feel really nervous. Really. The first thought that goes to my head - turbulence. Again, I can blame media for this. If I didn't read news about FA injuries during turbulence now I wouldn't be so afraid. Turbulence was never the thing I'm afraid most. I always new that it is safe. Now I feel tensed about that. I just can't imagine the level of turbulence which can cause injuries. Now I'm afraid to feel that level of turbulence.

The bright point of all this is British Airways Boeing 777 :) This is the aircraft I want to fly. Really want. Also GE90 engines makes me feel safe :)

By the way, captain Keith, could you tell me how transatlantic flight plan is made ? I mean what is the farthest distance to alternative airport is during all transatlantic flight ?

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Comment by Darius R on October 12, 2012 at 12:12pm

Hi Keith,

That's a very very comforting words for me. Thank you so much. I feel much better knowing that those occasions are extremely rare and still safe.

Now, I'm a little bit afraid of myself also. I've listen to your CD, read the book and made some trainings with myself after last flight. Now I'm afraid of how I react. I still believe that this flight will be much much better then the previous one. We will see.

Thanks again.

Comment by Captain Keith on October 12, 2012 at 8:15am

Furthest from a suitable airport is about 2 hours. But we take into account the wind as well so the nearest airport  may be further away than another in miles...but closer in time.

these airports have to meet certain minimum weather conditions...so we are always certain that a landing can be made. It's all under the EROPS rules.

Last two  trips across the Atlantic for me were without turbulence all the  way. 

In all the time I flew no passenger was ever injured on my flights...and I recall only one reports of it during my 28 years in BA.



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