Hi Everyone,


I joined the forum as Im looking for support to overcome my irrational fear of flying but I really dont know where to start anymore. One of the main reasons I took the job im in today was because i got to travel, now its my worst nightmare.  I cant get through it without diazepam, alcohol, both or a panic attack.  Its a real change to where I was and is stopping me seeing the rest of the world.  My problems started 9 years ago and have really grown since then, I had a bad take off on a North West flight from Newark Airport that has changed me beyond belief.


The last straw for me was last October when I flew with my husband and 2 year old daughter.  I drank that much brandy to "calm my nerves" that I dont remember getting off the plane, how embarassing! Then on the return leg I was terrified due to the vibration and tubulence on take off that I had a panic attack and couldnt breath.  When you ask my 2 year old what mummy does on a plane she says CRY!!


Im due to head to India with work and Im dreading it and the flights are not even booked yet.  Im currently trying Reiki to help me learn to relax but I know I will need further help.  Although I know I need to relax I need to learn more about flying.  Ive tried hypnothepahy, spent too much on that with no success whatsoever, diazepam and alcohol are not the answer I need to conquer this once and for all.



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Comment by Captain Keith on July 25, 2011 at 8:43pm

Hi Carol


There are no quick fixes or miracle cures...it's down toy hard work and effort. You need to arm yourself with strategiesand   facts. As you've seen on our site and on this forum we don't do tree hugging or water trickling...we do head on deal with it as it is  but with 100% 24/7  help,support and encouragement.

Have a look around at the stories of success, see what people do, and what works for them. 

Have a look in at our shop and see if there's anything there that coulsd help you. Best thing you could do is to come to our Ground Course.

Def avoid alcohol, try to avoid drugs unless prescribed by a doctor.


Captain Keith



Comment by carol coleman on July 25, 2011 at 1:35pm

Hi Heather,


The issues you have with flying are so similar to mine, I am so glad Im not alone.  I wish I could simply wake up one morning and the fear be away but until that day I need to find other assistance.  Ive started to read a book called Hyperventilation syndrome by Dinah Bradley to try and help me control my breathing so I dont get into a full blown panic attack.

I fly to Mumbai next Tuesday and got to say Im dreading it, but thing I have decided this year will be the year I beat this once and for all.  I am so fed up with it taking over my life every time I book a flight, Im mentally read to say goodbye to fear just dont know how I will do it.  Ill let you know how I get on with the book to see if it helps. Part of me belives that by corresponding with people that are like minded will really help.

Good luck on your next flight. 



Comment by Heather Thoams Ruchman on July 23, 2011 at 5:34pm


I'm in the same position as you.  I started investigating this site because I have a trip to Denver coming up.  I love being new places, in fact it is my life goal to see more of the world.  However, the getting there is making achieving this goal difficult.  I used to fly - through my teens and twenties without a problem.  President Reagan fired all the air traffic controllers when I was in Ireland in 1981 and I was upset.  After I got back States side, I didn't fly for years.  I have tried the drugs, the alcohol (and normally I am close to being a tea-totaller).  On one flight I had my camera stolen because I was so fogged out.  We need a to find a different perspective on flying.  I know when I have been  on  a long trip, Europe and back that I am finally so exhausted I say to myself "whatever" and get on the plane without a real problem.  Then the months roll by before the next trip and I am back to my usual anxiety pattern.  I used to find it fun.  I loved the climb and seeing the land from high up and I want to get back to that perspective.  I am going to work on relaxation and stopping any negative thoughts in their tracks.  I know flying is safe, it just feels counter intuitive to what we should be able to do.


We can do this.  One of my colleagues flies to India regularly and he never thinks twice about it.  You will be fine - maybe just a little stiff from all that sitting!

Comment by carol coleman on May 31, 2011 at 8:27am

Hi Keith,


Thanks for your response, I know this is a fear that I have built up over the years and has by far got worse.  My fear is in many forms it started with the fear of mechanical failure.  Now though it has grown and Im afraid of terrorism, pilots under the influence, people on the plane being drunk and disorderly and poorly trained and young cabin crew.  I know it sounds really silly but if I have a bad take off Im in bits for the rest of the flight.  My flight home from Majorca in October was awful, straight after we took off the plane started shuddering and bouncing up and down and I did not understand what was happening and I think this is th hardest thind to handle, the unknown.


I know I need to put trust in the airlines and staff not just on the plane but at airports as well, but its hard to do this when you dont know them.



Comment by Captain Keith on May 31, 2011 at 7:34am




Don't give up. You can overcome your fear and we'll help you to do so. Read the stories on this forum of people who thought they would never be able to fly and now, they're off around the world regularly.


But it won't happen overnight. You've got to get ready for a longish journey, there are NO miracle cures or quick fixes. And YOU have to accept responsibility for your own cure. I can't fix your fear, but I'll give you all the help and support you'll need  but it will eventually come down to you facing your fear.  But thousands have done it and so will you.

Step by step is the answer. What do you need to know about to start with?


Captain Keith


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