What's wrong with aviation these days ?

Hi all,

I'm really going crazy now... Next week I will have super long transatlantic flight and now we have MH17, GE222 and today's AH5017. I can't have any logic explanations in my head why all this happened. I'm trying to keep myself positive about it, but still... Something/somebody had caused these crashes to happen ! Well I hope it will get better in my head with time.

Dear Keith, could you please just comment something on those cases. Maybe it will help lots of us to feel better. I'm really super anxious about flying over Atlantic because I'm sure I'll encounter high turbulence which will lead me to panic attack :(

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Comment by Darius R on July 25, 2014 at 8:17pm

Hi Kirstin,

Thanks for support :)

Well regarding death - I think it's last thing you need to thing when you flying, especially about different possibilities to die. I mean that's crazy and it drive me at least to even bigger depression. If you look straight at this "problem" there is lots of other more terrifying ways to die than plane and you're not safe from that. Cancer for example. On the other hand, planes never fall down like stone, because they have wings, so they fly. Even without engines. We do not need to count cases like with MH17. That's completely not normal case.

I also agree with you about flying "good" airlines. I always try to choose the most known ones when I plan my travel. Now with my upcomming flight I chose Air France against Lufthansa. I think maybe Lufthansa would make me feel better, but timing was better with Air France, so I chose them. Let's see. Still scared, but I need to keep myself optimistic. So that's why thoughts about crash, death and so on just makes everything worse. Do you think about death when you sit in car ? Or for example when you bike ? For example I bike every day ~16 km and I know that statistically it's WAY more dangerous then flying. But I feel fine every morning just before ride. Why ? Maybe it's because so everyday stuff... Also media does not write sad stories about poor biker who died and left his family and so on...

Life is crazy and people's psychology is more crazy.

Please tell more about your upcoming 12 hours flight.

Comment by Kristin Charney on July 25, 2014 at 8:07pm

I understand you being afraid--I have a 12 hour flight coming up and I'm terrified!

Car accidents are quick and painless; let's put it that way. Plunging to your death for minutes is far worse. This is my opinion only. 

What helps me is talking to the pilots before we go. I always do this and I feel SO much better. For them, everything is so routine. I love hearing them lay my fears to rest. It's so nice. That's why I love talking to Captain Keith.

As for the weather conditions: I hear you. I think because planes are so precarious already, having strict STRICT rules should always be applied! I don't understand why some planes are even still flying over Ukraine. You can never be too careful. Stricter policies are the only way. I don't think flying in thunderstorms or gusty winds should be allowed, either. Clearly, the weather affects a plane. It affects cars, too. If there's too much snow or wind or rain it's hard to drive, so it would be the same in an aircraft. Air travel is safe, so they say, but it could be MUCH MUCH safer. 3 accidents in 3 a week's time is just silly.

Take my advice ad talk to your pilot before you fly. Be honest and up front about your fear. They will help you. I also like to control what I'm flying. I like Emirates, British Airways, Lufthansa, and KLM. Excellent safety records!!!!!!

Good luck, from one fearful flyer to another!

Comment by Darius R on July 25, 2014 at 5:17pm

Hi Kristin,

I'm trying to think other way. First of all you as single person should not care too much if it affect 200+ persons or only you in let's say car, because in any case you would be affected. So that does not make difference.

Another point is actually pilots has a lot of time to correct mistake until comething bad happens. That you don't have in a car. For example if you had head on collision with some drunk driver you have nearly no time to correct mistake. Now imagine planes. Let's say something is wrong with the motor. Pilot has a lot of time to fix problem, contact ATC and so on. So in that sense planes are actually better. I'm not speaking about cases when it is shot down by rocket.

Why I'm really freaked out  is that Taiwan and Algeria incidents could not happen if ATC just deny permission to fly. Why on earth it is allowed to fly in sand storms or typhoon ? Yes ok, officially according to weather forecast in Taiwan weather was ok for landing. Strange, maybe rules are too light then ? Good example is when you watch some videos of cross wind landings and you just do not understand why on earth they even try to land at that conditions ? This what scares me a lot.

Now also that crazy stories from media about poor people on the plane and so on. I know, Keith would say that we should avoid media. I agree. Anyway these days either you skip media at all, either you will see some sad titles with some pictures on first page and you can't avoid it. I think that media add a lot of fire to our fear if you ask me.

Now I'm lost, scared and need to fly next week 19 hours :( What to do in order not to go crazy ?

Comment by Kristin Charney on July 25, 2014 at 4:37pm

I'm freaking out, too. I just don't feel planes are safe because they have so little ability to correct a mistake: like the Ah flight---if there was bad weather, why didn't they just avoid it? Why couldn't the plane handle it? Car accidents are of course more ubiquitous, but they don't affect 200+ people in one sitting. I just do not trust planes!  :(


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